Gloria Steinem Savagely Warns Amy Coney Barrett About Opposing Women's Rights

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem had a few words for Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett on The Late Late Show on Wednesday. (Watch the interview below.)
The Conservative candidate, whose endorsement is being pushed by the Republicans shortly before the presidential election, "could reset women's rights," noted host James Corden.
Since President Donald Trump's nomination last month, experts have feared that it will seek to undermine reproductive rights and help the court crush Roe's landmark decision on abortion against Wade.
Steinem, whose activism spans decades, would not have it. When Corden asked her what she would say to Barrett if she had the chance, Steinem said, "If you rule against the majority will of women and men, especially women, we will simply ignore you."
"The ruling party at the time put Clarence Thomas on the bench, who at the time did not represent a majority of African Americans," she continued. "And now they are trying to put a woman on the bench who will resist most of the things that women want."
She then paraphrased a famous quote from Martin Luther King Jr. and said, "If the law is unjust, it is your duty not to obey the law."
Fast forward to 2:30 am for this part of the conversation:
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