GM Designer Renders New Front-Engine Corvette

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We're going to put this in the trash can ...
Leyang Bai, a digital model builder at GM, likes to post crazy car renders on his Instagram account, including some what's called the Chevrolet Corvette C9 / 5 Are shrouded in mess. No, I'm not a fan, although at the moment some people are drooling about the possibilities that they absolutely can.
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Don't worry, GM designers are cooking something special for the future Camaro. See what they have in stock here.
If you blink hard, you can see that the front end is lifted right off the C3 Corvette. It's actually not too hard to see, especially with the angular front panel and long hood. The canopy looks like part Vette and part The Homer. Add big rear hips to the mix and the effect of being confused about what this car is trying to be is complete.
Photo credit: Instagram
A side view of the rendering will help highlight the curved lines of this rendering. However, if they are angled, it will have the effect of angling the center of the vehicle upwards. Having these interesting design wheels slid into the four corners is an interesting approach where the engine is likely to be placed behind the front axle for better handling than the C3 ever offered. Even so, this thing looks too colorful to be taken seriously.
Photo credit: Instagram
At least Bai could have dropped the weird steering wheel from the C8. Some people say it's not that big of a deal and I can't weigh the functionality as I don't have to drive a C8 Corvette just yet. But it just doesn't look that good. At least it didn't go with the long strip of controls connecting the center stack to the center console, which is even more ridiculous for a design cue.
Photo credit: Instagram
Despite allegations by some, I'm very interested in pushing artistic boundaries, but sometimes designers just cross the line. Not calling them would do the automotive community a disservice, like Batman leaving out Joker because he wasn't sure Robin was thinking of adding oil to the Batmobile. This rendering crosses the line in several critical ways, but none of us need to worry about it becoming a reality.
Photo credit: Instagram
In the end, GM won't be reverting to a front engine layout on the Corvette. The C8 was a huge success as it offers a new level of performance and looks, and it has generated such interest that there is no way the automaker can reverse the move to a mid-engined platform. If that upsets you, there's always the Camaro, at least until it's canceled, a rumor that keeps popping up.
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