Going rogue on fake punt was last straw for Lions’ special teams coordinator

The Lions' surprise decision this morning to fire specialty teams coordinator Brayden Coombs reportedly came after he called a wrong boat against the wishes of interim head coach Darrell Bevell on Sunday.
The wrong punt itself wasn't a bad rap as the Lions finished fourth and fourth at 32:18 in the fourth quarter when they had to take some risks to get back into the game. And it got close enough to take the first descent that it looked like the Lions would have won if they challenged the place.
But Bevell didn't challenge, and apparently didn't even know about it until he saw it unfold live. The Detroit News reports that Coombs called it without consulting any other coaching staff and not even all 11 players on the field knew it was coming.
The same report indicates that concerns within the Lions organization remain that Coombs was too focused on self-promotion, suggesting that the wrong boat was a final straw.
In a couple of weeks, Lions season will be over and the entire coaching team may be gone. So Coombs would probably be gone soon anyway, but when the villains got on the wrong boat, the Lions decided to send him home early.
The wrong straw for Lions Special Team Coordinators who originally appeared on Pro Football Talk was all the rage
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