Gold-Medal Swimmer Drops Accidental F-Bomb On Live TV, Then Almost Makes It Worse

Australian Kaylee McKeown won gold in the women's 100-meter back in a record performance in Tokyo on Tuesday. She then wowed social media with a post-race interview where she dropped an F-bomb on TV:
Save super?
- (@Punters) July 27, 2021
McKeown saw her mistake immediately, covered her mouth and almost seemed to say, "Oh shit!" before it is turned into a solemn scream.
Twitter users loved it:
"What do you want to say to your mother and sister?"
"Fuck yeah oh shit ... Woooo?"

Congratulations to legend Kaylee McKeown for the? and this perfect # Olympics moment
- Jeremy Story Carter (@jstorycarter) July 27, 2021
If you win an Olympic gold medal, you deserve the right to say what you like. Well done!
- Glenn Munsie (@glennmunsieTAB) July 27, 2021
Australian Translator: I am pleased with this opportunity and thank my family for their support.
- Haggard Clint (@haggardclint) July 27, 2021
Nothing more Australian than swearing on live TV and then swearing when you react. # Straya # Olympicshttps: //
- Josh Fox (@JoshTFox__) July 27, 2021
plug that directly into my veins
- Nicky Woolf (@NickyWoolf) July 27, 2021
The Aussies make us so happy at # Tokyo2020https: //
- Lavanya L Narayanan (@lav_narayanan) July 27, 2021
Haha more Aussie is not possible ?? than that @ kazminka @ jarpadandjensen @ MissIsabelC @ LJanePhotographhttps: //
- Dani- ?? What should I do (@Dani_blondy) July 27, 2021
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