Golden Ray, the Capsized Ship, Currently on Fire off Georgia Coast

Photo credit: Golden Ray St. Simons Island live feed on Facebook

The Golden Ray, the unfortunate cargo ship that capsized in September 2019 with 4,200 vehicles on board, caught fire on Friday afternoon, May 14.
The remains of the ship are in the waters of Saint Simons Sound off the Georgia coast and have been the subject of complex salvage efforts for more than 18 months.
A live feed (see above) gives an overview of what is going on there.
On Friday afternoon, thick black smoke rose from the Golden Ray shipwreck as it lay semi-rescued off the coast of St. Simons Island, Georgia. The Golden Ray is the ship that capsized in September 2019 with more than 4000 new vehicles.
Coast Guard sergeant Michael Himes, a spokesman for St. Simons Incident Command, said the fire began as crews were testing fire extinguishing systems and preparing to cut into the third of the ship's eight sections. four sections have already been removed. This is the first time a fire has broken out since the rescue operation began, and it dwarfs the fires that broke out while the ship capsized.
The exact source of the fire is unknown, although Section 3 includes the ship's engine room. In addition, unified command officers confirmed there were 44,000 gallons of fuel that had not been considered during an April 26 briefing. More than 320,000 gallons had been evacuated before cutting began. In addition, only 1,000 cars on board the Golden Ray were removed from the wreck site.
All non-essential emergency services were safely evacuated from the VB-10000-Katanaran "crane saw", which is only against the wind from the strongest smoke and the most important instrument in the rescue - when lifting and cutting the ship. No injuries were observed. The crews continue to fight the fire with seawater from a flotilla of tugs against winds that were predicted to be 32 km / h.
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