‘Good Day LA’ Meteorologist Maria Quiban on Grief and Reporting From Home

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Before the coronavirus pandemic stopped, Maria Quiban of "Good Day LA" had joked about working as a meteorologist on the show from home. She even had a green screen on hand. She didn't know this would be her reality in the past three months.
Quiban also published her book "You Can't Do It Alone - A Widow's Journey Through Loss, Grief, and Afterlife" during the quarantine. In it, she shares her grief after her husband Sean Whitesell died of a brain tumor four years ago. Quiban not only shares her grief, but also her healing process with the readers. Quiban had originally proposed postponing the release on June 9, but her publishers thought the book couldn't come at a better time and went ahead.
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Did you find it therapeutic to put pen on paper for this personal story?
It was cathartic, nerve-wracking, painful, but joyful. Not only can I help others - which is my main goal - and shed light on a possibly very dark and terrible path - I can also share our love story. And that makes me so happy because I can talk about Sean and the love that we shared.
The writing took two and a half years from start to finish, which is a long time to deal with grief.
It was also good because grief doesn't just go away. For me it was cathartic because it allowed me to be there and that was fine. If I hadn't had the book to go into and cry out, I would feel like crying for no reason. The book gave me a reason.
And here we are in quarantine when your book is published. What is it like to publish a book during this time?
We had no idea, and the title of the book really impressed me when I spoke to the publisher and was thinking about holding the book. But my publisher said there was no better time than now and there was no better time. The title couldn't have been more appropriate because you can't do it alone.
It applies to so much in life and not just to incurable diseases, cancer, illnesses and deaths. It is already so applicable and my heart goes out to those who have lost a loved one to the corona virus during this time. It is difficult to understand not being able to be with the family in this incredibly painful time.
They work from home and anchor the weather. Your home is a weather studio.
It is wonderful. I've always dreamed of it to be honest. I am a morning meteorologist and we sometimes wake up in the middle of the night depending on the time we are in the air. I joked with my superiors about green screening from home.
But that happened, and my god, here we are. Be careful what you want, right?
I have always joked about it, but I have a green screen in my house and we have a temporary facility in a guest room. We survived the first few weeks and I've been here for almost three months now.
I miss all. I have to wake up earlier. I need to check that my audio is working and all lights on the cameras are working properly. The positive thing about being home is that I have the comfort of knowing that my nine-year-old son is on the other side of the wall. When I work I close the door but it makes a lot of noise. But I'm available and here and I can check in.
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