GOP official says 'everyone is wondering where the bottom is' during Trump campaign's final stretch

Four years ago, the Washington Post released the infamous Access Hollywood tapes that threatened to derail the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald Trump.
Now, some Republicans feel that Trump's re-election campaign has hit a similar point in time following his coronavirus diagnosis. Some at-risk Congressional Republicans are beginning to distance themselves from the president, the Post reports.
A senior GOP official close to Trump told the Post, "the situation is getting worse," adding that "this is like Access Hollywood because we are all seeing terrible polling. We didn't think it was going to be that bad Everyone is wondering where the ground is and they figure out what to do. "
But not everyone is concerned. After all, the seemingly damaging footage didn't prevent Trump from defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016, and something - perhaps the Supreme Court confirmatory process of Judge Amy Coney Barrett - could turn the tide again. "People's memories are so brief that what they have today might be forgotten next week when the court or whatever the problem comes up," said Tom Ingraham, a Tennessee-based GOP strategist. "Given the president's illness and the way he handled the initial debate, Republicans take it for granted that this time will be a little nerve-wracking. That doesn't mean it will last." Read more at the Washington Post.
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