GOP Wants to Take Federal Funding Away from Schools That Stay Locked Down

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Republican lawmakers presented a bill Thursday to stimulate schools to shut down coronaviruses by September 5.
Republican representatives Jim Banks from Indiana and Tom Tiffany from Wisconsin introduced the Reopen Our Schools Act on Thursday, which restricts federal funding for schools that are not open for personal learning in the fall.
"There are too many negative consequences for our children, their teachers, and parents if we don't reopen our schools in the fall," Banks told the Daily Caller News Foundation. "Schools need to develop a safe reopening plan, and this bill is designed to push them to do so."
The move comes as educators and lawmakers discuss plans to slowly reopen the United States after the coronavirus pandemic has stalled for several months.
Forecasts from the Oregon-based non-profit NWEA predict that students will return to school in the fall with less than 50% of math learning compared to an average school year and 70% of reading reading, the publication says. The WSJ also found that children from poorer families often do not have high-speed Internet access and were therefore unable to complete their classwork.
"These indefinite closings pushed back students, made teaching difficult for teachers, and brought parents to the breaking point," said Tiffany. "It's time to reopen America and go back to school."
Teachers warned the DCNF in March of closings and school closings that distance learning could be effective in certain circumstances, but factors such as age or access to the internet, technology, and meals can be disadvantages.
"Long story short: yes, distance learning can work, but even under optimal conditions it requires considerable preparation and technology, which was not an option in this crisis," said Finnegan Schick, a high school teacher at a low-income public school The South Boston neighborhood in Roxbury, Massachusetts, was announced by the DCNF in March.
Dr. Anthony Fauci said during a Senate hearing in May that reopening schools without a vaccine was "a very risky and indeed dangerous prospect." Fauci, the leading epidemiologist of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, did not specifically say that schools could not be reopened, but warned that reopening schools could be problematic.
Fauci also said in April that he fully assumes that "by the time we get to fall we will have this under control so well that it will certainly not be what it is now where people are Close schools. "
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