Gordon Ramsay roasted a TikTok chef who cooked his turkey on a can of Guinness

Chef Gordon Ramsay criticized this cook's turkey technique. Chefclub via Gordon Ramsay / TikTok
Gordon Ramsay criticized a chef on TikTok who used Guinness beer to flavor his turkey.
The celebrity chef called the cook a muppet after watching him prepare the bird and pour the beer.
"What do you do?" Said Ramsay. "Fail, fail, fail."
He also pointed out that he believed that the beer can method was fine when cooking chicken, not turkey, but Guinness was too bitter.
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"Fail, fail, fail!"
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay whined as he watched a TikTok user try to put a turkey on a can of Guinness beer.
Ramsay made a video responding to a post by @chefclub showing followers how to make turkey and filling out of beer cans. (The Chefclub video has since been deleted.)
At the time of writing, Ramsay's video had 13.8 million views on TikTok.
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The Chefclub video begins with a chef dismantling a small desk lamp and fitting a Guinness Tallboy can to fit underneath. "Come on," said Ramsay. "Really?"
The cook then tried to put a turkey on the stand, and Ramsay made it clear that he thought that was a bad idea. "No!" he said. "It won't take the weight off!"
The "MasterChef" judge was partly right; The beer spilled twice before it was successful.
Flavoring poultry with beer straight from the can is a common cooking technique that keeps the meat moist and allows for even cooking all around.
"You don't put Guinness on a turkey, you muppet," said Ramsay. In his video, the chef admitted it worked with chicken, but says that regardless of the poultry, Guinness has too bitter a taste to be used.
Ramsay said the turkey was "drier than the Sahara". Chefclub via Gordon Ramsay / TikTok
When the cook pulled his turkey out of the oven and cut into it, Ramsay looked both disappointed and disgusted.
"Pooh!" he said. "Is that the turkey? It looks dry. It's drier than the Sahara, you muppet."
This isn't the first time Ramsay has slammed Chefs on the social media app for their cooking. In mid-November, he toasted a cook who was stuffing cheetos into her burger patties, and in October he mocked another cook who was trying to make his legendary scrambled eggs.
Chefclub did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
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