Gordon Ramsay's Son Jack Joins Royal Marines: 'You've Made Me Feel Like the Proudest Father'

Gordon Ramsay / Facebook
Gordon Ramsay's son Jack has joined the UK's Royal Marines.
The chef and father of five children shared his son's performance in a heartfelt post on Instagram on Friday. "Jack Ramsay, you made me feel like the proudest dad today," wrote Ramsay, 53, adding that it was an "amazing accomplishment".
In the first photo, 20-year-old Jack poses in his new uniform, and the second photo shows the Ramsay boys, including the Hell's Kitchen star's youngest son, Oscar, 17 months, with a massive smile.
The Royal Marines are a sector of the British Navy. Their website describes it as "an elite Royal Navy amphibious force held in a very high preparedness for rapid global response and threat neutralization."
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Friends of the Ramsay family congratulated in the comments. "We love you Jack, and we are so proud of you," wrote soccer star David Beckham.
The chef, known for his ruthless criticism in the kitchen, also had fans who joked in the comments. One said, "Think of Gordon Ramsay as a drill instructor / sergeant."
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Ramsay is also known for his harsh criticism of people's food online and has not held back lately when it comes to TikTok chefs.
In August, the chef shared some deliciously malicious reactions with a TikTok user, showing followers had to "turn cheap steak into Wagyu".
"What is he doing? ... what?" Ramsay says to the camera as a split screen shows the TikTok user grinding the beef and shaping it into makeshift steak pieces after mixing in gelatin.
"No! No bag," he responds as they put the patties in a bag and cook them sous vide style before putting them on the grill for the finishing touches. "This looks like my grandfather's colostomy bag. Oh my god, what the ... Fake Wagyu? Oh, grab it."
In addition to their sons, Ramsay and his wife Tana are parents of daughters Megan (22), Holly (20) and Matilda (18).

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