Gov. Greg Abbott mask announcement a direct hit on Texas sports

On that day a year ago, we made fun of the idea that we had to close like they did in China, Italy and other places an ocean away.
Saying we were wrong isn't really that bad.
Little did we know then, but the amount of coronavirus that had made the leap to the United States would be enough to improve lives and livelihoods like few of us had ever seen. There were some office closings and school closings in early March, but what grabbed society by the collective backbone was when the sports leagues started suspending events.
On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Denver Nuggets at the American Airlines Center, and in Frisco, the U.S. women's national soccer team defeated Japan in the final sporting events held in our region over the next several months.
Now, nearly 365 days later, Texas Governor Greg Abbott pulled a political ploy out of his burnt orange wallet and tries to bring it all back without a mask.
"I was surprised," said Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle on a Zoom call on Wednesday night to the media before his squad defeated visiting Oklahoma City Thunder (87-78).
(And here's a tip: please make sure your phones are charged in order to film the next confrontation between the maskers and anti-maskers on your next visit to the grocery store. Send the footage to Mac Engel at ...)
What Abbott announced at a restaurant in Lubbock on Tuesday is almost the best / worst of us. We can not change it.
The clear loser in this Texas scenario is not science, Stan, your neighbor, but sport. We don't know how good we had it.
And I'm not just talking about the New Mexico Bowl in Frisco or the spring football season in the state of Tarleton.
The coronavirus gave Arlington a World Series. As the Texas Rangers look like, we are going to need another global pandemic to bring the Case Classic back to the Hay Barn in Arlington.
Due to COVID, we held a Rose Bowl.
The National Finals Rodeo didn't stay in Vegas and instead came to our town because of COVID.
Thanks to COVID, the 2020 PGA Tour event, the Charles Schwab Challenge, at Colonial here in Fort Worth had a field that was almost Augusta-esque.
Did you know that we will be hosting the entire NIT here in the Metroplex? The entire NCAA women's basketball tournament is held in the San Antonio area.
In a year where the Cowboys only finished 6-10, AT&T Stadium was number one with a country mile. Even Texas A&M had a good football season.
Now it's basically over. Or that's what the governor tries to do.
Both Texas and Mississippi have teamed up to end all state government mandates related to COVID protocols. The rest of America and the world expressed their shock against outrage.
When was the last time someone said, "Well, they're doing it in Mississippi, so we should do it too." The last time Texas and Mississippi shut their guns was in the mid-1960s. The 1860s. Then a bad idea. Bad idea now.
This is not the case for our curious neighbors and judgment critics. We don't need you, but we always take your money.
We can not change it. We're all jerks for a good topic and cool nicknames like "Texas Tough", "Texas Strong" or "Don't Mess With Texas".
(For your information, the last one has nothing to do with starch. It's an advertising campaign to remind you not to throw away your trash.)
"I don't know enough about the reasoning behind [the removal of the mask] to make any further comments," Carlisle said. "I think the people of Texas are very smart, and I think there will be a great deal of discretion when it comes to wearing masks in public."
No, Coach is not on social media.
No state reveres the change in its own perception as we do and celebrates its “independence” just to do so.
Maybe our independent series didn't make it through landing a few weeks ago when it came to the whole snow / ice / electricity / water thing.
But when it came to COVID, oh, we Texans crushed it. Have many people got sick and died here? Yes, but like many other cities, it has had major sporting events for months, a never-ending sporting Coachella if you will.
Now Governor Greg Abbott wants to end it, and the biggest loser isn't science, it's sport.
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