Gov Whitmer Says Biden Called Her After Foiled Kidnapping Plot, Trump Didn’t

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer said Friday on Good Morning America that she was the alleged target of a foiled kidnapping attempt after the news broadcast, called Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. President Donald Trump did not do this.
“A decent person picked up the phone and said, 'Are you okay? How is your family? "That's what Joe Biden did. And I think it tells you everything you need to know about the characters of the two people who will try to run our country for the next four years," she told ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos.
She accused Trump of fueling the fire.
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“There is lingering rhetoric. Even last night's president is not going to stop attacking me in his tweet storm and I think this creates a very dangerous situation not only for me but also for people in leadership positions trying to make life across the country save. " She said.
Hours after the FBI made arrests Thursday in the alleged kidnapping operation, Trump tweeted, "Michigan Governor Whitmer did a terrible job. She has closed her state to everyone except her husband's boating activities. The federal government has provided tremendous aid to the great Michiganians. My Department of Justice and Federal Law Enforcement announced today that they have foiled a dangerous plot against the Michigan governor. Instead of thanking me, she calls me a white supremacist - while Biden and Democrats refuse to condemn antifas, anarchists, looters and mobs who burn down Democratic-run cities. "
He asked them to "open" their state.
On "GMA" she said, "Every time he tweeted about me, every time he said" Liberate Michigan "and said I should negotiate with the very people who are arrested for being" good people. " "It's, that inspires more domestic terror, and I'm not the only governor going through this. Sure, it's been worse for me than most, but it's not just for me. It's not even unique to Democrats. That white." House has a duty to call it out, and they will not. In fact, they encourage it. "
See above about ABC News.
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