Grand juror: Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron's 'statements and actions' in Breonna Taylor case remain a 'mystery'

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The only information that remains "mysterious" in the Breonna Taylor case is the prosecutor's "actions and testimony" of Attorney General Daniel Cameron during the proceedings of the grand jury.
The anonymous grand juror asked Jefferson Circuit judge Annie O'Connell to deny the state's motion to delay a possible disclosure by the judge until Cameron's office has an appeal.
O'Connell did not make a decision on either motion.
Kevin Glogower, the grand juror's attorney, said in his motion that Cameron "cannot choose to part with the rules on information disclosure and then use his position to prevent others from referring to his misleading." To respond to comments. "
Breonna Taylor case: Grand jury records contain conflicting reports of fatal shots
Although Cameron's office argues that the secrecy of grand jury procedures "is well founded and based on centuries of history, practice and custom in the country and the Commonwealth," Glogower said the attorney general "opened the door" to speak about anything What the Grand Jury Has to Offer "When he commented on the justification for Taylor's shooting, held a press conference and then spoke openly about it on news broadcasts.
Although audio recordings of evidence presented to the grand jury were made public, neither the grand jury's recommendations nor deliberations were recorded. These records indicate "noticeable omissions" during the presentation, the motion says.
"They brought much of the process to the public without a fight while holding on to this outdated application," said Glogower's motion on Sunday.
It also references statements about the case made by Cameron that contradict conflicting information recently released to the public.
Speaking at a news conference on September 23, hours after the grand jury's decision, Cameron said his investigation did not include how the arrest warrant for the Taylor apartment was obtained and that the three officers who fired their guns in Taylor's apartment did Night police killed they had "no known involvement" in the "previous investigation" or the arrest warrant process, Glogower wrote in the motion.
Cameron's statement was "misleading, if not downright false," the motion said.
Since the lawsuit was filed on Sept. 28, the Louisville Metro Police Department's internal investigation has become public and shows that Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, who was shot dead in Taylor's apartment, was involved in the investigation before the night of her death.
"It's the Law": Kentucky AG tries to keep Breonna Taylor's grand jury silent on the case
Mattingly and Detective Myles Cosgrove shot and killed Taylor six times after her boyfriend Kenneth Walker first shot her and later said he thought someone was breaking in.
Former Detective Brett Hankison was charged by the grand jury with three willful threats for shooting into an apartment next to Taylors that was occupied.
Nobody was charged in Taylor's death.
Glogower noted that Cameron's testimony that large juries "can steer the conversation" continued to "subject" the large jury to public condemnation by placing responsibility for the results of the trial at their feet, it said Request.
Jurors asked questions about evidence they'd never seen, including additional body camera footage and witness sketches. Terms like "ruthless" and "manslaughter" were not mentioned in the 15 hours of the recorded trial, words like "murder" and "murder" were mentioned only a few times, and all of them were outside the context of Taylor's death.
"When it was all over, they were certainly only given the opportunity to charge three cases of wanton endangerment," the motion says.
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This article originally appeared in the Louisville Courier Journal: Breonna Taylor Grand Juror questions AG Daniel Cameron's "statements".

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