'Granny Pods' Allow Grandma to Live in Your Backyard

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When families are faced with the task of finding a place where grandparents can spend their golden years, the options can be complicated. Full-service nursing homes can be expensive and are not always financially viable. The high fees, coupled with the guilt that some families have towards an aging loved one who lives alone, often cause grandma or grandpa to move in with their adult children. But if the size or lifestyle of this house doesn't allow this regulation, what's next?
Enter the "Grandma Capsule". These detached little houses, also known as in-laws or in-laws, allow grandparents to stay close to their loved ones while offering some privacy. It is often difficult for older people to give up their independence 100 percent. Therefore, this solution offers a balance - they still have the ability to name themselves, and the whole family can be sure that they are only a few steps away if they need help - or to share this homemade cake recipe.
What is a grandma capsule?
A grandma pod is a modified “guest house” where nurses can live in the immediate vicinity of aging relatives. They are also known as ADUs or accessory living units and are designed for safety and accessibility (e.g. non-slip floors, wide doors and rounded worktops). Some versions offer high-tech medical extras.
Where can you buy (or rent) a grandma pod?
Whether it's an Amazon cabin kit or a bespoke, pre-made MEDCottage - the options for grandma pods are more numerous than ever. A MEDCottage is essentially a portable hospital room and a free-standing apartment that can be installed in the back yard behind the main residence (of course according to the zoning laws) and can be bought or rented.
These structures are bungalow-like on the outside and like a hotel suite on the inside. They comprise 288 square meters of living space, a kitchenette, a bed and a bathroom. Standard safety features include handrails, defibrillators, first aid items, lighted floorboards, and a soft floor to minimize injury from falls. French double doors provide space for a wheelchair and other hospital equipment if required. Choose from three kit styles and floor plans. You can assemble yourself or hire a professional to install it.
The FabCab company specializes in modern, aging houses on the spot. Both indoor and outdoor spaces receive the universal design treatment, a philosophy that all environments should work for all ages and abilities. Accessibility is taken into account in every room, from the bathroom to the outdoor terrace. The FabCab portfolio on its website shows picture galleries that illustrate their clear aesthetics.
Are grandma pods legal?
Typically, these small apartments are connected to the existing sewage, water, and power lines in the main house, so you'll need to get the necessary building permits required by local authorities. And as mentioned earlier, zoning laws in your region may include rules for the amount of land that can be covered by a structure. Before buying, make sure that all uses of the home have been approved, including agreements with homeowners' associations and proximity to historic neighborhoods, wetlands, or parks.
How much does a grandma pod cost?
Depending on the type of apartment you choose, the estimated cost is between $ 100,000 and $ 250,000, Carolyn McClanahan, financial planner at Life Planning Partners in Jacksonville, Florida, told CNBC. Depending on how many years the pod is used, the price might pay off, given that the average cost of assisted living is $ 43,536, while qualified home care ranges from $ 82,128 to $ 92,376, according to the Family Caregiver Alliance.
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