Grateful Dead Murder & Missing Persons Mystery Leads Tenderfoot TV Podcast Slate

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EXCLUSIVE: The murder and disappearance of a number of Grateful Dead fans is the subject of a real crime podcast by Tenderfoot TV, the company behind the Atlanta Monster and Up and Vanished series.
Jake Brennan, presenter at Disgraceland, has teamed up with Payne Lindsey, co-founder of Tenderfoot TV, in Dead and Gone, a true crime mystery in the world of Jerry Garcia's psychedelic rock band.
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It examines how a number of dead heads have been missing, unidentified, or dead over the past five decades. A fan died in a car accident, one was murdered and thrown into a trench, while many others are missing.
The company, founded by Lindsey and Donald Albright, has extended Neil Strauss' To Live and Die in LA for a second season and has added the basketball series Whistleblower. All three series, which are produced in cooperation with all series produced in collaboration with Cadence 13, should arouse the interest of television and continue the trend to adapt audio series for the small screen.
New York Times bestselling author Neil Strauss, who wrote Motley Crues The Dirt and The Game, returns in LA for a second season of the real thriller To Live and Die. Season one examined the disappearance of actress Adea Shabani, and season two investigates a separate case of missing people in the Hollywood world.
Eventually, Whistleblower will tell the story of the 2007 NBA betting scandal, which led NBA referee Tim Donaghy to go to federal prison to bet on games he had officiated. The series, hosted by sports journalist Tim Livingston, will tell how an NBA referee, player, and middleman were arrested on charges of mob-supported betting, investigating the FBI investigation, and investigating the NBA culture.
The three podcasts will be released later this year and next year.
“Music and sport are two new paths that we have been looking forward to for some time. Our listeners can expect the same impressive listening experience that they got used to in our classic true crime shows. "said Donald Albright, President of Tenderfoot TV." We're not only expanding our show offerings and introducing new hosts, we're also excited to bring back our biggest success of 2019, To Live and Die in LA. With hosts like Jake, Tim and Neil gets the best of the best from the audience. ”
"C13 is all about hit business and targeting some of the most powerful cultural shows and creators," added Chris Corcoran, Cadence13's chief content officer. "TenderfootTV remains the industry leader in true crime, and this next round of stories will be one of the most convincing so far."
Tenderfoot TV is represented by UTA.
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