Greene introduces bill to oust Fauci

Georgia Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a law to reduce Dr. To bring Anthony Fauci down to zero dollars and oust him from his position.
Video transcript
MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: I am very proud to sponsor the Fire Fauci Act, and I am grateful to my colleagues here for helping to fund this law because the American people deserve answers.
The Fire Fauci Act will reduce Dr. Lower Fauci to zero and also require the Senate to approve someone to fill his position.
You see, Dr. Fauci was not elected by the American people. He wasn't chosen to run our economy. He was not chosen to rule over the upbringing of parents and their children. But still, Dr. Fauci very much controlled our lives last year.
Dr. Fauci, there must be a lot of information about him. And, as you've all seen in the emails that came out, he owes many replies to the American people. But he also owes the world many answers.
These are very important emails that you all need to share with the public as the public has suffered a lot. Shops are closed. Small businesses have suffered. People were really depressed. Health consequences, people died alone in hospitals and nursing homes. The children's education has been delayed by a year. And then we even see suicide rates rise, not just among adults, but also among young people, people in college, kids in high school, kids in middle school and younger.
Our country was not built like that. This is not how people should be governed. But it's Dr. Fauci and through his advice, which is constantly changing, that's how it happened.
You see there is a lot of evidence. And answers have to be found and answers have to be given. And the American people deserve the answers, and Dr. Fauci and everyone involved should be accountable.
And if the American tax went to the Wuhan lab and actually funded this virus - which comes out very clearly that this is a man-made virus, an artificial virus in a lab that made the world sick and made people to die.
You see, people are really tired of the fact that no one is ever held accountable, no one is ever fired. And so it is time to meet Dr. Firing Anthony Fauci and providing answers to the American people. I think so, this is the government that should serve them, not the other way around.

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