Groom Convicted Of Trying To Sexually Assault Bridesmaid Days Before His Wedding

A Pennsylvania groom was convicted of attempting to sexually assault his wife's bridesmaid just days before their 2019 wedding.
Daniel Carney, 30, was found guilty Thursday of four of the five charges he faced in a Monroe County courtroom, including attempted sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault without consent, simple assault and indecent assault without the consent of others, according to WFMZ .
He was found not guilty of the fifth count: attempt to rape an unconscious victim.
Authorities said Carney attempted to sexually assault a 29-year-old bridesmaid at the couple's wedding after a raft ride for bridal party members on the Delaware River on Aug. 30, 2019, according to The Morning Call.
According to an affidavit obtained by, there had been heavy drinking on the trip and the bridesmaid was heavily intoxicated.
After the raft ride was complete, Carney's now-wife — who later testified for him during the trial — asked Carney to escort the woman to the parking lot.
The woman told police she remembered being led away from the water around 8 p.m. The next thing she knew, she woke up in a locker room at the Shawnee Inn, according to the defendant. She said Carney bit her and violently grabbed her. She passed out again before waking up a second time to find her bikini bottoms removed and Carney lying on top of her.
Carney's wife and the wedding's maid of honor spotted the couple together in the dressing room shower.
The woman, who struggled to stand on surveillance footage after the encounter, said she remembered the bride yelling at the groom.
Prosecutors said during the trial that the first thing the woman said to the maid of honor after she was found in the dressing room was, "What happened?" WFMZ reported.
The morning after the wedding, the bridesmaid went to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Pocono to report the attack.
Carney initially told police he "felt he was being taken advantage of by the victim" and said she was taken in by him.
However, investigators uncovered security footage showing the woman walking very unsteadily down the hallway before Carney dragged her into a locker room. He later admitted to authorities that he was the one who dragged her into the dressing room.
During the trial, Carney testified on the witness stand that he went into the room because he wanted a shower and said the woman followed him into the dressing room, reports WNEP. He insisted their encounter was consensual.
After the incident, the bridesmaid told authorities that Carney called her the next day to apologize and claimed he didn't know what happened.
He apologized a second time in a text message he sent her on the wedding day.
"I wanted to apologize again for everything," he wrote, according to the affidavit. “Can we please be as happy as possible for [the bride] today? Mistakes are behind us and I just need total closure before doing this [that's] why I'm broadcasting this. I'm so lucky to have ever married [the bride] and I know that's horrible too, but my D--- was in the shower."
While he insisted they "never did it," he asked the woman to take a Plan B pill to be on the safe side.
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