Guy Fieri gave us a grilled cheese tutorial over Zoom

It was a hot (cheesy) mess.
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GUY FIERI: Are you a fan of grilled cheese?
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GUY FIERI: This is a grilled mac cheese with Italian sausage. You get what you love about mac and cheese, the creaminess and texture, you get the saltiness and spiciness of the Italian sausage, the crust of the King's Hawaiian slice and go from there. Tell me the ingredients that you have in front of you.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: We have two lovely little packets of elbow macaroni, I'll say provolone cheese, King's Hawaiian cut Hawaiian sweetbreads. Oh my god this is my dream container. There are four different types of cheese. Smells amazing.
Italian sausage. Oh boy. Milk, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, cooking spray. Amazing. So I'm not ruining everything.
GUY FIERI: So the first thing we do is take all these great cheeses, take this milk and put it in a saucepan. And you've already cooked the pasta. OK. Drop your cheese there.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: The games begin.
GUY FIERI: You really have to melt this cheese in this milk to make it work. All right, let me see that cheese sauce. How does it look like?
OK. Turn up your heat a little. All right. What else do you have
NICOLE GALLUCCI: I have sausage.
GUY FIERI: Put that in the pan. Let's cook this.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: Looks good now. And it thickens.
GUY FIERI: Great. Now I want you to go ahead and - you've already cooked your macaroni or pasta. Go ahead and drop that there. And the great thing is that you have mac and cheese for a month.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: That's for a year. All right. It's in there.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: Here is the panini press.
GUY FIERI: Wipe off a little cooking spray or with a little oil or butter on both sides of the press. This is important for two things. First, it's important that it doesn't stick. And second, this also helps with tanning.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: Man, it couldn't get any worse if I tried.
GUY FIERI: Really? We are in a hot mess right now? Get a little bit of oil on a paper towel and just wipe it off there. And that will have roughly the same effect.
She is everywhere right now. I don't know which ... I think she does laundry too. She is back.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: All right. We lubricate.
GUY FIERI: Oh, you do all the cheating. Good girl. Put your bread on the panini.
Now pieces of provolone cheese. Well, oh about 2 or 3 tablespoons of mac and cheese. Don't measure it.
It's good. Exactly there. And now about half that amount of Italian sausage.
There. Here we go. A little bit more. OK, now a bit of provolone on top of it.
GUY FIERI: That's it. Provolone cheese will work as a melting blanket. And top it off with another slice of the King's Hawaiian. Lock it up.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: This is my first time using a panini press.
GUY FIERI: Does it ... does it have a clip so you can lock it?
NICOLE GALLUCCI: I will say no.
GUY FIERI: You can put your hand on it if you want. But that will take a long time. Take the whole pot with the mac and cheese and place it on top. You look so comfortable and uncomplicated when you have huge things in front of you and bowls of Italian sausage. Don't take it off.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: Here's the thing, we have to take it out now.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: Because it's finished.
GUY FIERI: No. It is not finished.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: I'll say it's basically burned.
GUY FIERI: Turn it around. Let me see
NICOLE GALLUCCI: This is my nightmare.
GUY FIERI: That didn't burn, Nicole. Put it back on there. Here we go. Now put the pot back on.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: That can't be right.
GUY FIERI: Who's the GOAT here, Nicole?
NICOLE GALLUCCI: I don't know what temperature it is.
GUY FIERI: Is it making sizzling noises now?
GUY FIERI: Perfect. OK. Just hold on here. I mean look at this. Here is my grilled cheese.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: OK. Yours looks good.
GUY FIERI: It has to be a little texture that has a little color. It is not an easy time. It's heavyweight time.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: Oh, the melt.
GUY FIERI: Look at that. Huh?
NICOLE GALLUCCI: I'll say it looks delicious. The mac and cheese come out.
GUY FIERI: See? And you have nice press stamps there. The mac and cheese is nice and hot. You have a good crust.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: Shall I take a bite? It's a little hot.
GUY FIERI: Well, don't part. What do you think? You have cheese out of your mouth and hanging on your chin.
NICOLE GALLUCCI: I can't wait to tell my kids one day that I used the panini press for the first time with Guy Fieri at Zoom.
GUY FIERI: I was there.
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