GWAR drummer on petition to replace Robert E. Lee statue with the late Oderus Urungus: 'He would probably be right there on the frontlines'

Last week, a mystery fan named "GWAR Scumdog" launched a grassroots petition calling for a statue of late GWAR leader Oderus Urungus for a controversial statue of Confederate leader Robert E. Lee at the home base of the Grammy-nominated Shock -Rock band to replace of Richmond, Va. "Robert E. Lee is a failed war general who supports a racist cause," the petition states. “For too long, the city of Richmond has exhibited statues of him and other civil war veterans. We, the scum dogs of the universe, ask the city of Richmond to erect a statue of the great local leader Oderus Urungus in its place. While Oderus hails from the planet Scumdogia, he called Richmond his home, worked with the local art scene, and employed local artists and ladies of the night. "
To date, the petition, inspired by a Facebook post from former GWAR member Slymenstra Hymen, has collected approximately 53,000 signatures from GWAR servants. And the group's drummer, JizMak Da Gusha, is completely done. He recently even left his bunker to examine the problematic statue covered with graffiti and let the good people on earth know that hopefully an Oderus tribute will be built in his place soon if everything goes according to plan.
"A human had the idea to start this petition on our behalf and I have to agree to this guy," JizMak told Yahoo Entertainment, speaking of his tiki bar hiding place in an unknown location. "It is a great idea to put Oderus on this memorial instead of Robert E. Lee because it is currently missing and is probably something the world could use now to remove all the confusion and chaos that is going on opens. He was the captain of chaos, and he can bring some sort of order through chaos, art and music. And of course kill. "
Oderus Urungus from GWAR in 2007. (Naki / Redferns)
What the murderous Oderus, who died in 2014, would think about this petition, JizMak shrugged his armored shoulders: “I don't know. I know that he peed on this monument before. He's done that before. I think maybe we all peed on this monument at some point. I don't know what he would think about it. You know, I think he would probably be right there on the front line. He would have the battle cry. As much as he loved killing people, he had a really great sense of justice. He knew how to balance the scales, if you like, when he saw injustice or some kind of discrimination. "
JizMak recalls his recent visit to the site of the illegible Lee statue and says, "It's very peaceful there. People are obviously creating the art project that is now the Robert E. Lee memorial. They put up some nice signs, that are in the area and are reminiscent of some of the deaths caused by the American police, so it was kind of interesting to see an inanimate object like a statue or monument over time and its purpose changes is now the battle cry and ground zero for the Black Lives Matter movement. It has also become art, a living art installation. It obviously has a different meaning today than it did years ago. And I think that's pretty cool. "(Video below contains profanity. )
However, JizMak warns that protests may not remain peaceful if he and his bloodthirsty GWAR bandmates get involved. "We are all for a peaceful gathering within people, but you know our gathering will be pretty violent. You know, it may not be a great thing to have GWAR there, but you always like to know about optics, so will the look might be great, but death would happen, ”he intones.
While Oderus was from Scumdogia, GWAR has called Earth home for more than 35 years, although JizMak calls it the “terrible planet”. There was a time in the 80s and 90s when GWAR made regular headlines and was harassed by the police for their stomach-swirling, cross-border live shows, but it seems the world has unfortunately caught up with GWAR, and now it is The Band Members are shocked - especially by what they see in the United States.
“America has just taken such a messy, miserable path, a rabbit hole of violence. … The people are so terrible that you have thrown us off the throne of being the worst thing that can happen on the planet, ”says JizMak. "And now we have to take that back from you. We just have to think of worse ways to kill you and destroy your societies. "But he says GWAR's signature song" Sick of You "still sounds as true as ever because" GWAR is so sick ". I mean, you humans fight among each other, kill each other, sell each other, narcissism. It’s just terrible. "
JizMak has doubts that an Oderus statue will ever really replace the Lee memorial, as another petition, which also collected 53,000 signatures to let GWAR play the Super Bowl halftime show, was not surprisingly ignored by the NFL . But he thinks if this last petition were successful: "That would be a good step forward for you humans. It would at least give you some time, so we wouldn't kill you. You know, we want it to be like you gave us a trophy and then we can google it for a while and that would distract us from actually slaughtering you. If you wanted to save yourself, you'd make statues of us everywhere. "
Seriously: When asked how this country and this planet can really be saved from the abyss (the danger of a GWAR massacre is obviously the least concern of the human species), JizMak has an interesting point of view as an outside space outsider who claims to be thousands of years old.
“America is like the world's teenage boy. It's like in recent society. So you're like spotty teenagers right now, ”he says. "And you should know that when you grow up, you may have a damned idea what to do with your company and how to behave out of love and all the crap that people need. You know, we don't understand the concept of "love", so it is not important for us to get along, have a society and do that. But apparently it's very important to you. So if you stop crying like a teenager, America, and grow up a bit, maybe you will bring your shit together. "
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