Gwen Stefani Shared a Throwback Photo Revealing Her Natural Hair Color

The name Gwen Stefani is practically synonymous with "platinum blonde". With very few exceptions - such as baby blue and pink hair moments in the late 1990s and black dip-dyed ends in 2014 - the singer has always been a flat icon. We can honestly even remember when she exposed an inch of her roots, so it's easy to forget that she's a brunette, of course. Luckily, she occasionally reminds us of her natural hair color, like the relapse photo she posted on Instagram for her brother & Aposs' birthday.
On Wednesday June 17th, Stefani wrote: "Happy b day @ericstefanimation #ericstefani, I wouldn't be me without you! I love you !!!" Next to a photo of herself in which she presents a birthday cake to her older brother and former band colleague Eric Stefani. Due to the quality of the photo and the style of the clothing, it appears to have been taken in the early 1990s. But the real giveaway of how old the photo could be is Stefani & aposs hair color.
Stefani, wearing a white sleeveless dress, is a brunette in the picture. Although it has a paler shade of brown - you could even call it a bronde - it looks dramatically different than what we would normally expect from the No Doubt front woman. There are hints of blonde highlights (she's a California girl after all) that hint at the brighter look Stefani would soon switch to.
This is not the first time Stefani has given us a look at the hair color of her childhood. Last June she published a family photo with a rich shade of brown on Father's Day. And in her legendary "Cool" video, she wore a brunette wig reminiscent of her natural color.
Stefani hasn't left the lockdown between her and her typical blonde style, but if she ever wanted to give Bleach a break, she can be sure she looks as good as a brunette.
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