Hailey Bieber’s ‘Brownie Glazed Lips’ Are Causing Some Backlash

Hailey Bieber is something of a TikTok beauty queen, sparking viral makeup and skincare trends with every video — but her latest technique, or "that lip combo vibe I'm feeling for fall," as she puts it, makes some TikTokers question them influence.
Hailey's dubbed her favorite lip look for fall "Brownie Glazed Lips," which of course references her glazed donut aesthetic and the main message behind her skincare line, Rhode Skin.
The combo is based on Hailey's favorite understated lip technique - she lines her pout with a contrasting liner before applying a glossy lip balm. Her choice, of course, falls on Rhodes's Peptide Lip Treatment, which, despite being restocked in mid-September, is completely sold out again.
The fall element is a deep brown lip liner, of which Hailey's favorites are the Make Up Forever Artist Color Pencil in Anywhere Caffeine and the Scott Barnes Atelier Lip Pencil in Naomi. She lines her lips before smudging them a bit with her finger, adding some extra depth in the center of her cupid's bow and lower lip.
But many other TikTokers have criticized Hailey and her association with the lip trend that people of color have sported for years. Others pointed out that the technique dates back to the 1990s.
"Sweet sweet. Where did you get that inspired girlllll from? My Chola Tias have been doing this for ages, but when they do it's 'ghetto,'" a poster responded to Hailey's video. Another wrote: "Old school POC lip combo. Have been doing it since the 90s," adding, "Brown liner and shine, got it. Wore this every day to high school in the 90's."
Others defended Hailey, with some noting that her mother is Brazilian and may have inspired her beauty aesthetic. "You all say she didn't start this trend, but when did she say she started it? She just said she likes that lip combo."
"Your Brazilian mom literally did that in the '90s. Leave her alone,” replied another.
Hailey Bieber has also recently come under criticism for her "clean girl aesthetic," which she's become known for, which many consider to be heavily inspired by Black and Hispanic women. So far, she hasn't addressed the backlash.
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