Hairstylist uses ’90s frosting caps to achieve the best dye job

Diego Kuhn started his career as a hairdresser at the age of 18. He specializes in calorimetry - the science of color production - and uses innovative techniques to create the ideal coloring job. Kuhn even teaches stylists about the internal structures and life cycles of hair in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how dyeing works. The hairdresser publishes his unusual methods on Instagram.
A video shows the head of a customer who at first glance looks more like streaks of yellow spaghetti than hair covered. The strands protrude from a cap that resembles a pasta strainer.
This technique uses an icing cap that pulls the hair through the tiny holes in a silicone cap and then bleaches it.
Next, Kuhn gently pulls the cap off to reveal the person's dark roots, unlike the freshly processed blonde hair. However, when the woman's hair dries, the result looks like the most distant from the food. The hair has a multi-dimensional, shiny sheen with highlights, while the different tones look stunning.
“A certain technique is not about doing this or that. It is about having the largest number of specific tools to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction, ”wrote Kuhn in the headline.
The video has been viewed over 305,000 times. Many Instagram users were impressed by the before and after.
“It looks like cooked spaghetti and is somehow beautiful when dried. You could be a genius, ”wrote one person.
"I love to see hair pulled from such frosting caps, it's addictive," said another.
"Fantástico," commented one user.
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