Hall of Fame G.M. Ron Wolf laments “diva” quarterbacks who want to disregard long-term deals

The NFL is becoming more and more like the NBA, with certain players: (1) realizing the power they wield; and (2) not to be afraid to use it. This development doesn't fit well with those who have made a name for themselves in a league of players who knew their place.
Appears on the Big Show Network, Hall of Fame G.M. Ron Wolf complained about quarterbacks trying to take their careers into their own hands, regardless of existing contractual obligations to their current teams.
"We have a lot of divas in the league at the moment," said Wolf. “I don't understand that all of these people have long-term deals. I can't believe the game has changed that significantly. "
"These guys" are Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Everyone is signed for at least the next three seasons. Everyone should and / or actually want to be traded to new teams.
Does that make them divas? So far, no one has violated the terms of their individual contract with their team. Also, everyone has a broader union contract that gives them the right to withhold services as leverage to get a deal, a new contract, or whatever else the withholding service can achieve.
For decades, teams have blindly dictated the conditions to the players. Take it or leave it. Our way or the highway. You won't get anything and like it. It's time certain players - players who criticize a team's success - push back.
Almost 50 years ago, the NFL realized that the game could become much more popular with various passing attacks revolutionizing goal. It happened. And it made quarterbacks far more important than ever.
So quarterbacks have leverage. And quarterbacks are allowed to use it. That doesn't make them divas. It makes them smart.
And it makes the reactions of people like Wolf predictable. But no amount of getting out of my tundra rants is going to change the fact that the game has changed. A great quarterback has become a key ingredient in a great team. The teams that have great quarterbacks should better do whatever they can to ensure that the great quarterbacks stay where they are because the days of the great quarterbacks soak up it and deal with bad coaching, bad staffing decisions, or whatever don't do great quarterbacks i don't like to be over.
Like it, don't like it, doesn't matter. It's over. And the teams that realize that the cheese is not just moved but melted are the teams that thrive in an environment where a great quarterback is the most important person in the organization and should be treated accordingly.
Hall of Fame G.M. Ron Wolf laments "Diva" quarterbacks who want to ignore long-term deals that originally appeared on Pro Football Talk
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