Harriet Hageman sees her landslide victory over Liz Cheney in Wyoming as beacon for the nation: 'We're fed up'

Harriet Hageman, the Republican nominee for Wyoming's only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, predicted Wednesday that her first victory over Rep. Liz Cheney would serve as a beacon for the rest of the country, which she described as "fed up" with Washington , D.C., and its "corruption".
In an interview with Fox News Digital after her win in the primary, Hageman said her win was a direct reflection of Wyoming voters rejecting Cheney as their representative, as well as their dissatisfaction with her and the Democrats' treatment of former President Donald Trump . She stated her intention to Washington, D.C. getting them back to prioritizing “accountability and success.”
"Wyoming spoke and it was an overwhelming win," Hageman said when asked how she felt about her victory. "I think it's a reflection on a couple of things. One of them is Liz Cheney. It's a reflection on her and the fact that we don't want her supposedly representing us in Congress anymore."
"I think it was also a reflection on what happened in Mar-a-Lago last week," she added, referring to the FBI's unannounced raid on Trump's Florida home earlier this month.
Hageman, who was backed by Trump last year in response to Cheney's vote to impeach him after the Jan. 6 storming of the US Capitol, has been a staunch defender of the former president and has spoken out about the ongoing investigations into him during his tenure in the white house.
She says Wyomingites agree, arguing they see through what "rogue agencies" like the FBI and DOJ are doing, as well as Congress' efforts to "destroy President Trump instead of running the country."
"Washington, D.C. has become too big and too corrupt,” she said. "I think in Washington, D.C. There are many people, both Republicans and Democrats, who don't care who's in power as long as they are, and we need to change that."
“We have to give power back to the people. We must return power to the states where it belongs. We must indeed hold on to our constitutional construct, which is the separation of powers, since regulators and unelected bureaucrats have essentially taken over the role of legislature in this country. And that has to change fundamentally," she added.
Hageman said that the people of Wyoming and Americans at large are ready for "serious leaders" to take charge and solve the problems that exist across the country, citing decades of inflation, open borders, the drug crisis and the ongoing fossil-fuel war and energy industry as some of the most important issues emerging under the Biden administration's oversight.
Rep. Liz Cheney, R-WY, addresses supporters during a primary night event August 16, 2022 in Jackson, Wyoming. Alex Wong/Getty Images
"The people of Washington, D.C. don't mean it, and they didn't like President Trump because he recognized the day-to-day issues of family food that matter to citizens of the United States and he tried to deliver them," she said.
"The last thing the people of Washington, D.C. want is accountability and success," she added. "We want serious leaders who will start to put the nonsense aside and focus on the important issues."
Hageman said one of her main areas of focus as congressmen would be legislation addressing the need for increased domestic energy production. She cited the huge reduction in US oil and gas production under the Biden administration, attributing it to the record-high gas prices that have plagued Americans in recent weeks.
“None of this is rocket science. I would take any average, everyday person in Wyoming off the street who could figure these things out in about 10 minutes. It's not complicated," she said.
Hageman predicted that Republicans would have "great" gains in the November midterm elections and explained that Wyoming spoke for the rest of the country in its rejection of Cheney.
Republican Wyoming congressional candidate Harriet Hageman with former President Donald Trump at a rally May 28, 2022 in Casper, Wyoming. Chet Strange/Getty Images
“Wyoming has spoken, and Wyoming is speaking on behalf of the people of this great country. We're fed up. We're just fed up. And in November there will be a red wave and I look forward to being a part of it. We have to take back our country," she said.
“I was talking about accountability. I spoke about my politics. I've talked about protecting our energy industry and the importance of energy independence, regulatory reform and what we need to do to get the upper hand and get our country back," she said.
"I think all of those things came together last night and the people of Wyoming spoke up and they said they're really looking forward to having someone who's from Wyoming and who cares about Wyoming and who will represent Wyoming." She added.
Hageman will now face Democratic nominee Lynnette GreyBull in November's general election but is expected to claim victory.
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