Harry and Meghan's Canadian security bill cost £32,000 in overtime, travel and food

Harry and Meghan came back to thank Canada for their stay - and then returned. (Getty Images)
Prince Harry and Meghan's security has been found to cost over £ 32,000 in overtime, travel and food during their Canadian Christmas holiday over Christmas.
Papers published by the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation show security costs of $ 56,384 from mid-November to January 22nd.
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However, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which published the information, made it clear that this only covered additional costs such as overtime and shift differences such as night shifts.
The figures also cover expenses such as travel expenses, meals and accommodation, but do not include the salaries of those assigned to look after the royal couple.
Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, spent a long Christmas break in a Vancouver Island mansion with their son Archie.
They returned to the UK in January and thanked the people of Canada for staying before dropping the shock news that they wanted to resign from their role as senior royals.
Meghan then returned to Canada, where it turned out that they had left Archie while in London, and Harry soon followed.
Harry and Meghan decided to step down from their royal roles in January. (WireImage)
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The decision to resign from senior positions raised security concerns, and after a few weeks of being covered, RCMP announced that they would not be willing to fund them after March 31, when their time as working royals officially ended.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex now live in Los Angeles, where their safety is reported to cost £ 7,000 a day.
President Donald Trump said the U.S. would not pay the couple, but they replied by clarifying that they hadn't asked and would bear the costs themselves.
Background information published by the RCMP in the documents shows that the police did not know how long Harry and Meghan would be in Canada, and that their visit was private and no engagements were planned.
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An email from Bernadine Chapman, national division commander, included in the information, revealed her concern about the running costs and attention when she wrote, “The media is like a hot potato ... so much coverage about the potential of the Royals to spend half their time in Canada now as an independent partner. Media Spins is about the cost of Canadians.
“We have a bigger talk about it next week. That can cost us a lot! "
Prince Harry and Meghan stayed in this British Columbia property for Christmas in Canada. (Getty Images)
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It also shows that there was no increased threat to the couple or Archie, but recognizes the number of paparazzi in the region.
Aaron Wudrick, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, wrote about the cost to the Canadian taxpayer: “More than $ 50,000 is no reason to sneeze, especially considering that this is the taxpayer's money that bills one of the taxpayers covers most famous and wealthiest couples in the world.
"If the government hadn't cut them off and Meghan and Harry had stayed in Canada, the bill could easily have turned into millions."
RCMP said they could not publish salary information for security and operational reasons.
Canada had to pay for Harry and Meghan's safety because it is a Commonwealth nation, but the United States did not have the same obligation to British kings.
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