Hayley Mills on her issue with 'That Darn Cat!': 'I don't like looking at myself on the screen when I'm really fat'

That damn ... fat?
Though it remains a Disney favorite more than 55 years after its release and a 1997 remake starring Christina Ricci and Doug E. Doug, That Darn Cat! is less popular with its star Hayley Mills. The English actress was 19 years old when she starred alongside Dean Jones in the comedy thriller, the last of her six films produced by Disney in the 1960s.
Hayley Mills on the set of That Darn Cat !, directed by Robert Stevenson. (Photo: Walt Disney Productions / Sunset Boulevard / Corbis via Getty Images)
Mills is now 75 and is promoting her new memoir, Forever Young.
"Well, it's a very amusing film," said the Disney legend while appearing on the Keep It podcast this week to co-host Louis Virtel. "I enjoyed that; it's very funny. The only thing ...
"My vanity is still a problem. I don't like looking at myself on screen when I'm really fat, and I was really fat in this movie," she laughed. "Whatever I did, my face was like a balloon."
Hayley Mills on how she lived her youth in the spotlight and why she finds "The Parent Trap" so popular
In this episode of Are the Kids Alright, actress and former Disney teen star Hayley Mills talks about her unusual childhood, the challenges of living her youth in the spotlight, and what it was like to meet Walt Disney for the first time. She also talks about why she thinks The Parent Trap is such a popular movie and explains why she chose to write her memoir at that point.
Mills added that she had a "flag" for her first two Disney films, which are arguably her most popular: Pollyanna from the 1960s and The Parent Trap from 1961.
"Those were the two best films I made for Disney," she said to Virtel, crediting David Swift, who wrote and directed both films. "These two stand out, I think, while I'm not so sure about some of the others."
Mills also spoke about her marriage to the much older filmmaker Roy Boulting at the age of 25. She remembered being annoyed when people claimed 50-year-old Boulting was a "father substitute," to which the daughter of Oscar-winning Disney legend Sir John Mills would reply, "I have a perfectly good one of my own Father, thank you very much, I don't need anyone else. "
Of the late Boulting, who she was married to from 1971 to 1977, she said: “Although he was much older - 32 years to be precise - he didn't look or feel like it was very young, spiritually . "
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