He went door to door for work — then man kills Indiana woman who was beheaded, cops say

All of the neighbors said the man was "very polite" but suspicious.
He wore a camouflage baseball cap with a shirt over his shoulder, carried a water bottle that warm day, and went door to door looking for "community service" in Clarksville, Indiana, neighbors told detectives.
"This young man looked great to me," Don Miller, a landlord in Clarksville, told WDRB. "Like a young kid who just left high school or college, and he really surprised me."
Investigators were looking for clues to the gruesome murder of 67-year-old Melody Gambetty, a former News and Tribune employee who retired in March, the local newspaper reported.
The fire department rushed to her apartment on Wednesday when smoke rose from behind her door. When they entered, the firefighters moved a body on the floor and found that Gambetty had been beheaded. Police said she was missing most of her fingers and all of her toes.
"Personally, I live just a few blocks from where this happened, and the amount of shock not just for me but for everyone here is incredible for our community," Clarksville police chief Mark Palmer told the News and Tribune. "To experience something like this is devastating."
The detectives interviewing neighbors paused when one gave the phone number of the man who was walking door to door. He had left his contact details and his name - Brian W. - in case the neighbor had to work according to an affidavit.
Brian Montez Williams, 36, answered the phone when detectives called and agreed to speak to them in an apartment, according to the probable cause affidavit. Williams said he sought community service with neighbors before visiting a friend in the evening, the probable cause affidavit said.
A security camera across from Gambetty's apartment recorded a man in similar clothing as Williams entered the main entrance of the building and left about three hours later with two suitcases in a red Gambetty Kia, the likely affidavit said. Her car was later found in an apartment where Williams said he was visiting a friend.
After the detectives obtained a warrant to search Williams' apartment, they found Gambetty's head in a suitcase and fingers and toes in a plastic container, according to the likely affidavit. They also found a handsaw with blood and tissue on the blade.
Williams was charged with murder and arson.
At a press conference broadcast by WDRB, Major Joel DeMoss said he believed Williams killed Gambetty Monday afternoon and returned to the apartment to set it on fire to destroy evidence.
"We believe this was likely a botched robbery or home invasion and things just went wrong," DeMoss said.
On Thursday, Pastor Steve Burks of the First Assembly of God in New Albany, which Gambetty attended, told WHAS that her death was "surreal" and "difficult to understand".
"She was one of those women when you meet her, you just have an instant connection and that was the amazing thing about her," Burks told the news agency.
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