Heartbreaking video shows the moment an Indian elephant bids farewell to his beloved master who died of cancer

A screenshot of the video showing an elephant saying goodbye to Damodaran Nair in Kerala, India on June 4, 2021. Bijupanoorkaaran via Facebook
A heartbreaking video shows the moment an Indian elephant says goodbye to its longtime trainer.
Damodaran Nair, who was caring for elephants in a village in Kerala, died of cancer on June 3rd.
The elephant paid its last respects to its master by wagging its trunk and bowing its head.
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A heartbreaking video shows the moment an elephant said goodbye to its longtime master after dying of cancer last week in Kerala, India, the Indian Express reported.
Damodaran Nair was a so-called "mahout" who cared for elephants in the Kottayam district for over six decades. Before his death on June 3, the 74-year-old wanted to see his favorite elephant Brahamdathan one last time.
According to the elephant's owner, Rajesh Palattu, the two had been inseparable since meeting 25 years ago, and Nair treated the elephant like his own son.
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"The connection and love between the two, Damodaran Nair and Brahmadathan, was something to watch and emulate," Palattu said, according to Gulf News.
Nair died before his dying wish could be granted, but his family ensured that Brahamdathan could say goodbye one last time before the funeral.
Footage posted on social media captured the emotional moment when Brahmadattan walks to Nair's wrapped body, which appears to be at the entrance of a house.
A crowd of tear-eyed onlookers begins to cry as the elephant touches Nair's body with its trunk before raising and lowering it as if the animal were waving goodbye.
"We were all touched when the tears ran down our cheeks. It was one of the toughest farewell moments ever," said Palattu, according to Gulf News.
Check out the moment below:
The video has received thousands of views on social media.
Traditionally, a mahout receives an elephant early in their life and trains them to keep them from their family. The mahout and the elephant stay connected throughout their lives.
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