Hellcat Buick Grand National Is Beautiful Blasphemy

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This is a rendering, but it is based on a real car.
Some people complain that artist renderings of cars are ridiculous, serve no purpose, etc. That usually happens when they see a design they don't like, but to be clear, we'd like this Hellcat-swapped Buick Grand share national playback. It's based on the famous Hell National project we covered earlier that mixes the potent Mopar engine with the potent 80s GM car. That alone upsets the purists, but anyway, we're all for interesting builds.
Photo credit: Facebook
Anyway, Abimelec Design decided to do some renderings of the finished car. If you haven't seen it, the Hell National is a little rough while the owner works out the mechanical kinks. These digital mockups can help set the aesthetic direction because when you are on a tight budget you have no money to waste on things that make your car look bad.
Photo credit: Facebook
Fortunately, anyone who knows their way can instantly identify the car as a Buick Grand National. You don't want to rub away the unique look of the vehicle just because you traded in a big bad supercharged Hemi V8. While the GNX blended into so many American device automobiles of the '80s, the black body panels and trim make it stand out. This darkened look should absolutely be what this car will be in real life once it's completed.
Photo credit: Facebook
Some wonder why the artist shows Tesla Model S brakes on the rear axle. That is exactly what the Hell National has, while a Camaro SS brakes in front. It also rides on BMW wheels as in the rendering. And if you hadn't guessed it already, this hood is currently what the real car has as well.
Photo credit: Facebook
However, not all details of real life are created equal when rendering. This rear spoiler in the rendering consists of three parts, while the real spoiler at the moment is a piece of material (we think it's metal, but we're not sure about that). Maybe the owner likes what the artist did there and changes the design? We'll see when Hell National is finally ready.
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