Hellcat Powered Jeep Grand Wagon Resto-Render

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Can you imagine how cool it would be to drive?
Station wagons aren't exactly known for their ridiculous horsepower or large displacement engines. For the most part, when we look at one of those relics of the past as an SUV, we think everything from the wood paneling to the boxy rear end barely considers these vehicles to be family hauliers. However, perhaps that assumption is exactly why we are seeing this vehicle today. While station wagons weren't built fast, they are still cars, and as is the nature of auto enthusiasts, if they have wheels, we'll make them fast!
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The vehicle in question is a 1980s Jeep Grand Wagoneer that offers a high performance surprise under the hood. Before we talk about it, however, let's talk about the exterior. Wrap around the set of silver-gray wheels some BF Goodrich All-Terrain T / A tires. An air dam under the bumper gives clues that this car is not all it appears to be. The "surprise" under the hood mentioned above is a Hellcat engine! Of course, this engine is known for its 707 horsepower. The 6.2 liter V8 is supercharged and helps the car achieve the incredible performance of other Mopar Hellcat variants.
Unfortunately, this is not a real car, but a rendering and a possible glimpse of what a very special company is to come. That company is Vigilanti 4x4, a restoration company that specializes in this type of vehicle. While the jeep in question may just be a rendering today, that doesn't mean it will no longer be available one day.
The company has a few examples that have yet to be completed. Prices range from $ 185,000 to $ 295,000. The idea of ​​a fast jeep station wagon is such a ridiculous and interesting concept and we hope the project turns out to be profitable so we can see more of it in the future.
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