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Cosmic Catharsis? A full moon in Cancer on Tuesday helps us identify emotionally and let go after a turbulent year. The moon confidently enters Leo on New Year's Eve, bringing joy to the zodiac with an open heart as it looks to 2021. Reflect on your Sunday resolution strategies thanks to the Virgo Moon.
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Feel all your feelings, Aries! The full moon on Tuesday in tender Cancer makes you swim in the emotional ocean. Remember, your vulnerability is your strength and never a weakness! The moon enters Leo on New Years Eve and you are confident about your resolutions for 2021. The Sunday Moon in Virgo gives you the strategies to manifest your new goals.
Name your feelings, Taurus! A full moon for heart cancer on Tuesday lights your communication zone and motivates you to share your feelings and make sure others know them too. Surround yourself with people who will feel like family in Leo on New Year's Eve. The Sunday moon in Virgo makes you confident in carrying out your resolutions.
Stay centered, Gemmy! A security-needing Full Moon in Cancer on Tuesday will also help you anchor yourself in embodiment, self-care and budget strategies. New Year's Eve helps you think, speak, and share powerfully your 2021 resolution ideas thanks to Leo Moon. The Virgo Moon on Sunday connects you with people and places that make you feel at home.
Cosmic Reset, Cancer? The full moon in Cancer on Tuesday is your annual measure of new beginnings. Let go of what needs to be published and look at your dreams with optimism and hope! New Year's Eve sheds light on your Leo-ruled safety zone and helps you reflect on financial resolutions. The Sunday moon in Virgo wants you to follow your curiosity.
Break it up, Leo! A Cancer Full Moon on Tuesday wants you to free yourself of whatever is holding you back from your courage and strength. The moon shines in your sign on New Year's Eve. So let your heart reveal the resolutions you want to commit yourself to. The Virgo Moon on Sunday invites you to practice radical self-care, sensuality and embodiment.
Power man, virgin! A Cancer full moon on Tuesday highlights both your social connections and your political reasons for feeling like you are making a difference. New Year's Eve awakens your intuition thanks to the Leo Moon. So trust your instincts and remember what you are asking yourself. The moon is shining for you on Sunday, so feel all the emotions that arise for you!
The glow is real, Libra! The Cancer Full Moon on Tuesday will take your career to a new level as you apply your compassion and emotional intelligence to the job. A New Year's Eve social Leo Moon wants you to play as hard as you worked - you deserve it! The Virgo Moon on Sunday is soulful and healing. So prioritize rest and recharge.
You know better Scorpio! The Tuesday full moon on Cancer wants you to do better because you now have more wisdom. Apply the best of your intelligence for amazing results! The ambitious New Year's Eve Leo Moon focuses on your resolutions or professional goals. A social Virgo Moon on Sunday wants you to "reunite" safely with your closest friends.
What is your truth say A full moon in your cancer ruled zone of honesty and sexuality wants you to own your desires and tell your truth for greater integrity. An expansive Leo Moon on New Year's Eve will focus your resolutions on change and transformation. The Virgo Moon on Sunday is ambitious and productive, so better work!
Happy birthday, hat! The Cancer Full Moon on Tuesday wants you to have the relationships you want by starting, deepening, or completing a dynamic. A Leo Moon on New Year's Eve shows your passionate side and clarifies your resolutions for meaningful intimacy. The Virgo Moon on Sunday inspires an adventure. Let your imagination run wild!
Don't forget the details Aquarius! A full moon in your cancer-ridden wellness zone on Tuesday will help you learn how adhering to the details affects the bigger picture. New Year's Eve is a romantic day under the Leo Moon that will help you shift your resolutions to a more relational place. With a sexy Virgo Moon on Sunday, you'll feel the urge to band together.
Speak your heart, fish! A self-revealing Full Moon in Cancer on Tuesday leaves you to share a hope, desire, anger, and / or dream with someone who needs to hear. A healthy Leo Moon on New Years Eve will give you the strategies to maintain your self-care, routine, organization, and health resolutions. The romantic Virgo Moon on Sunday inspires a "date" with someone who is smart and sexy!
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