Henry Cavill Gently Corrects TV Host: It's Warhammer, Not Warcraft

This is a conversation that has surely played out countless times in kitchens and living rooms around the world as kids, friends, and partners patiently try to explain the difference between a video game universe and a tabletop wargaming universe. I just don't know if it ever went so smoothly.
About PC Gamer, below is an excerpt from a recent episode of the Graham Norton Show, a UK television show that approaches celebrity guests, interviews them, and then lets them chat with each other through the night. Pretty normal late night TV stuff, which is why Henry Cavill was there to promote a new series of The Witcher.
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The highlight of his appearance, however, had nothing to do with The Witcher; It came when Norton started a conversation about Cavill's love for Warhammer, and more specifically, how he's all-in when it comes to things like painting the miniatures.
"You're painting ... is it War ... World of Warcraft?" Norton asks, beaming not only confused, but also a little smug.
Cavill's answer is like hearing molten gold flow down a slide. The rest of the segment plays out pretty awkward as the host clearly sets this up as some kind of gag, like "haha, look at this big guy, he's actually a huge idiot, what a loser playing tabletop wargames" when it's in reality Norton looks like an asshole, a finding that is only reinforced at the end of this section when one of his fellow guests - believe it or not, this is Spider-Man's Tom Holland - Cavill practically begs for him Coming home and saying, "That sounds great".
A Warhammer night at Henry Cavill's house with the big man moderating while Tom Holland stumbles through his first game like a tabletop Peter Parker sounds really great.

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