Here Are 15 Self-Defense Tips Parents Told Their Kids, Which They'll Never Forget

As adults, many people learn this universal self-defense trick with their keys: if you feel insecure, hold the keys between your fingers and hit an attacker at the right moment.
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While it is sad that most children, and girls in particular, learn this at a young age, we cannot ignore that this step can be lifesaving. So we asked the BuzzFeed community to share self-defense tips they grew up on, and I've never heard of any of them:
1. “Take your thumbnail and sink it into her eye socket. Disgusting and possibly traumatizing, but you're better off in therapy than in a morgue. "
- Scrump
2. "Did you know that a girl's best friend in the late 1880s was the hatpin? Ladies would poke the hatpins of molesters. Personally, I think we have to bring hatpins back into deadly fashion. I wear them!"
- zfildh
3. "If they grab you from behind, use your heel to kick their shin as hard as you can."
- tinad4d632b1ea
4. “My mom always said: If you can't defend yourself, scratch her as best you can and get her DNA in your fingernails! Something I will always remember! "
- britanyd467510fc0
5. "Personally, I have pepper spray."
- bbgirl35
Clara Busto / Getty Images / iStockphoto
6. “When a man grabs your wrists, you can break free by pressing your wrist against his thumb. There is a really good chance that this will make him let go, because holding your hand in this position is extremely painful. "
- ingenious-not-strange
7. "Don't forget S.I.N.G., an acronym for four areas at risk, including the solar plexus, crotch, nose, and groin."
- Raven bard
8. "The elbow only takes 11 pounds of pressure to break. Once he's grabbed you with your arm straight and outstretched, try turning, then using your forearm with as much swing as possible against the BACK of his elbow If you do this on the front of the elbow, it will only bend the arm, but the back may break the arm as hard as you can. "
- LibbyLuWho2
9. "My father told me to poke them up in the nose with an open palm if possible."
- francesjoys
Topvectors / Getty Images / iStockphoto
10. "I've got a whole mess of keys on a lanyard, ready to swing someone like a motherf ** ker."
- Jazzap
11. "My car keys contain a corkscrew just in case."
- LenaGH
Dmitry Gladkov / Getty Images / iStockphoto
12. "Hit them in the throat."
- tinad4d632b1ea
13. "When they come up behind you, stomp on their foot as hard as you can and ram your elbow back. That can buy you some time to get away. "
- LibbyLuWho2
14. "You don't hit the keys, you take them in the face."
- Sammy Kat
15. And finally, the best defense tactic / preventive measure for our society: “Teach your child consent and their body at an early stage. My son is 5 and knows that no one should touch his body without consent. He knows that too, before he touches (including hugs) friends, he has to ask. "
- kimr49
What's your favorite self-defense tip? Let us know in the comments.

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