Here’s Everything That Happened on the Day the Dinos Died

Earlier this year, a team of scientists said there was evidence that the impactor that wiped out most of the dinosaurs also enabled the evolution of modern rainforests on earth. But while this is a pleasant silver lining, it was a terrible nightmare scenario when the impactor - which may have been a comet or an asteroid, hence the name "Chicxulub Impactor" - hit Earth. Especially, as Kurzgesagt in the video below shows, during the first 24 hours after impact.
In short, recently posted an overview on YouTube of what happened on The Day The Dinosaurs Died. For those unfamiliar with Kurzgesagt, the channel is famous for moderately in-depth explanations on philosophical and scientific topics. For example, the channel previously theorized what would happen if humanity were to attack the moon with atomic bombs.
In this video, Kurzgesagt looks at the first 24 hours after the Chicxulub impactor hit Earth about 66 million years ago. And the gnarled chain reaction that then had a negative effect on the whole earth.
An illustration of how large the Chicxulub impactor was compared to known objects.
In short
In a nutshell, the 10.2 mile diameter impactor would have unleashed the energy equivalent of billions of atomic bombs upon contact. The energy would then have transformed the rock below into a “seething plasma” that is hotter than the surface of the sun. According to the canal, the thermal radiation from the first explosion would have immediately destroyed everything within a radius of 930 miles around the point of impact.
In the hours that followed, tsunamis 3,000 feet high would have spread in all directions from the point of impact; Submerge coastlines all over the world. The mass ejected from the impact - up to 60 times that of the impactor itself - would also have shot into orbit around the earth. An event that would have heated the earth's atmosphere to oven-like temperatures for minutes or even hours.
An illustration of dinosaurs who died during the Chicxulub impactor event 66 million years ago.
In short
As the day drew to a close, Kurz stated noted, many of the dinosaurs on Earth were already dead. But things would only get worse from there for many years after that. For the most part from the cloud of material around the earth that would block the sun. And then destroy most of the plants on land and in the sea. Again, the effects could ultimately have led to rainforests as we know them. So in the end it got pretty lush?
Featured image: In short
Here’s Everything That Happened on the Day the Dinos Died was first published on Nerdist.

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