Here's How Chevy Is Training Dealers to Sell Z06s to GT3 and Ferrari Customers

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We suspect Chevy will have absolutely no problem selling any C8 Corvette Z06 it builds. The car is months away from going into production and we're already seeing ridiculous dealer markup stories. But that doesn't mean the automaker doesn't have strategies in place to convince buyers that it's the best supercar around.
Leaked instructions published by The Truth About Cars in late July give us an idea of ​​the training dealers go through for the 670hp mid-engine Corvette. It seems Chevrolet understands that the $106,395 Z06 will be a real supercar killer, as it suspects buyers will compare it to cars that all cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars more.
Chevy uses the $283,950 Ferrari F8 Tributo as a prime example, as these slides show. They instruct sellers to base themselves on the fact that the Z06 has the most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever and doesn't suffer from turbo lag under acceleration like the Ferrari. Strangely, it doesn't mention talking about the superior exhaust note.
When comparing it to the McLaren 720S, a car that starts at over $300,000, Chevy advises sellers to talk about the Z06's eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, which reportedly has a "stronger six-plate clutch and an extended oil pan to allow for proper lubrication." to be guaranteed with spirited train travel."
If a customer buys a Z06 with the 911 GT3 for $162,450 — which we think is the most logical comparison yet — Chevrolet's slides suggest mentioning the C8's higher redline. And when the customer brings up the Audi R8, salespeople should mention the Z06's faster 0-60 time.
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