Here's the last password you'll ever have to remember

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If a hacker cracks your password, your entire identity can be compromised in no time. (Photo: Getty)
How many times a day do you log into password-protected accounts like online banking, Netflix, or Facebook? Have you ever wondered if the passwords themselves are secure?
Imagine, they probably aren't - all a hacker has to do is crack the code, and your entire identity can be compromised in no time. When hackers gain access to your devices and accounts, they can wreak all kinds of havoc, from opening new credit card accounts to draining existing bank accounts.
LastPass Premium is the password manager that will change the entire game for you. Install it and the software will create passwords for every single account you're logged into - from your credit card accounts to your email, social media, streaming services, or any account that stores your payment information. It then securely stores the passwords across all your devices.
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The power of secure passwords
One of the easiest ways for hackers to get your sensitive information is by stealing your passwords. The FTC says creating "long and strong" passwords is vital to your online security.
Not only should passwords be complex, the FTC says, but they should be unique for each website — in other words, stop using the same old password for every account. But it's pretty much impossible to create and remember all of your online accounts' watertight, unique passwords, isn't it?
That's where a great password manager comes in. Adam Levin, cybersecurity expert and founder of CyberScout, told Yahoo Life. Levin says that a password manager should be your secret weapon against fraud, especially if you're a little lazy with passwords.
A closer look at LastPass Premium
LastPass Premium syncs across all your devices (and works way better than a sticky note). (Photo: Getty)
How LastPass Premium works in detail: Suppose you create a password to access confidential medical records online. The password manager creates a complex, rock-solid password that hackers can't possibly touch. It will inventory the password and automatically log you in from your laptop, phone, tablet - whatever you use - every time you need to access the site.
If you'd rather create your own password for a website, you can. LastPass Premium remembers these too. "The only thing you need to remember is your password manager's password," says Levin.
Equifax says that once you've created your passwords, remember to change them "as often as possible."
Now's your chance to power up and feel worry-free online with LastPass Premium. Sign up, try it risk-free for 30 days, and breathe a sigh of relief knowing your passwords are protected in a virtual fortress - and your identity too.
Try LastPass Premium risk-free* for 30 days
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