Here's the Latest Look at Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman

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Zoë Kravitz follows a long line of female leads who have played Catwoman in the past, including Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer. While there was of course no doubt that she would be great to play in The Batman, new photos of her have surfaced on set and ... wow, she looks amazing.
In the pictures, Kravitz is dressed as Selina Kyle (A.K.A. Catwoman without a suit). She wears a black trench coat, high black lace-up boots and a black fascinator. While it's just a photo, it's safe to say that Kravtiz's Catwoman is going to be one of the best.
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This isn't the first time we've looked at what's to come with the film that also features Robert Pattinson. In February, before production was halted due to COVID-19 concerns, we caught a glimpse of the actress in the iconic catsuit.
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In April, Kravitz opened Vanity Fair on how to keep up with the role during the unexpected quarantine. "So I mean, it's not like calling the studio and saying, 'Don't be fat, bitch.'" She said.
"But I've been training for maybe four or five months now, and in the first few weeks that I quarantined myself, I remember texting the director, texting Matt and thinking, 'Us maybe have to make the catsuit a few sizes bigger when that's over, "she said. "So I quickly made up my mind to get my shit together, and I practiced virtually five days a week with my trainer, David Higgins. And it was really great because it gave me some kind of structure, because I'm doing it at the same time, time and it makes the weekends like a weekend too because I don't work out the weekends and it just gives me, oh, it's a different kind of day. So it was really great, just for my sanity. And nice of food, that sort of thing only thing I have is food and wine that I enjoy right now. So I definitely eat what the hell I want. But yeah, try to stay in decent shape so I don't have to start from scratch. "

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