Here's what Chase Young has been emphasizing to Dwayne Haskins this week

What Young Haskins emphasized this week originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington
This clip of Chase Young picking up Dwayne Haskins last Sunday shortly after Washington lost to Seattle caught some attention. It was clear the quarterback wasn't in good head space so the defensive end did what it could to show support at that moment.
Young had to continue doing that this week as well.
Like every other Burgundy and Gold player who has spoken to the media in the past few days, Young was asked for his thoughts on the recent Haskins controversy that has completely overshadowed the all-important upcoming matchup with the Panthers.
Already considered one of the most trusted leaders on the football team, Young stayed away from discussing the incident itself and instead shared the things he had told Haskins about.
"All I preach to him is keep going," he said. "Just put your head down and keep going. The mistakes, you have to put them aside. Just keep going."
For what it's worth, No. 99 likes the way Haskins, who could very well start over at QB, has reacted in practice. Despite all the swirling drama, Young believes his colleague Buckeye is ready for week 16.
So Young just stays in Haskins' corner instead of engaging in the massive slip.
"Just let him know that you are there for him," he said. "You do that as a teammate and that's what I did. Whether he starts, no matter who starts, at the end of the day you have to play between the white lines this Sunday. As long as everyone is I think we'll be fine."
Young was pretty straightforward about his opinion on playing Carolina. Some pros will not acknowledge late year stakes in a competition and will simply choose to treat it like any other trip to the stadium. He's not one of those professionals.
"We're not going to pretend we don't think about the playoffs because we have the opportunity to make it," said Young. "You can look forward to that, every team, before the season. We definitely have the playoffs in view."

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