Here’s What Happened to Demi Lovato’s Engagement Ring After Max Ehrich Split

Has Demi Lovato returned her engagement ring?
Almost two weeks after their split, Demi officially returned the sparkler to Max Ehrich earlier this week, according to a source. Although the ring was originally valued at over $ 1 million, the skirt that Max asked the question with wasn't exactly brand new. "Part of the ring was made from a diamond that was hers," the insider told E! News. "Part of it was his."
Demi and Max's whirlwind romance began in March, just as the world collapsed amid the coronavirus pandemic. The actor - he recently appeared on the American Princess television series - suggested "Give Your Heart a Break" to the singer in July.
Although the two flooded each other on Instagram after the engagement, a source alleged Demi's family and friends "warned" them about Max, believing it was "best" for Demi to end things with him "sooner rather than later."
Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich: Romance Rewind
Shortly after breaking up in September, Max said he heard about the tabloid split - something E! said is wrong. "Demi told him beforehand," a source said at the time, adding that he was causing drama to "try to stay relevant".
Either way: Demi is apparently done with the soap star. "Demi doesn't want any contact with Max at this point," a source told E !. "She is utterly embarrassed how he behaves and gets their relationship going through social media. She doesn't want anything to do with him."
Demi Lovato, engagement ring
After their split, Demi dropped her latest single, Still Have Me. And while she doesn't notice the inspiration, it is clear that she is using her talent to move forward. As she wrote on Instagram at the time: "Music is always there for me ..."
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