Here's What Jamie Lee Curtis Thinks of Chris Evans' Nude Photo Leak

Planned or not planned? We may never know.
Jamie Lee Curtis shared her thoughts with talk show host Kelly Clarkson about what she thinks really happened to Chris Evans' nude photo leak. During an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show on October 9th, she revealed her theory about his "whole thing".
"He's so smart and an incredibly beautiful person," began the Freaky Friday star. "I wonder if it was even planned." Kelly also agreed on the possibility that it was a planned publicity stunt.
"He's so smart. I think it was planned because he was trying to get people to vote. It was like, 'Now that I've got your attention.'"
"I could have cracked a joke and said, 'He's taking after his TV dad Don Johnson," Jamie said, referring to the mystery drama film Knives Out, which she, Chris and Don all star. "Because I'm really good friends with [Don’s ex-wife] Melanie Griffith. She’s one of my best friends and has been forever."
Chris Evans' greatest roles
On September 12, the Marvel star shocked fans when an NSFW photo appeared on his Instagram stories. According to Just Jared, Chris uploaded a video showing his family playing the game Heads Up. When the family-friendly video ended, the screen showed the star's camera roll, "which supposedly showed a photo of a penis," and another of his face with the text, "Guard the p --- y".
A few days after the leak - which has since been cleared - the 3-year-old star tweeted, "Now that I have your attention ... VOTE November 3rd !!!"
Planned or unplanned, The Avengers Star has definitely made its point very clear.

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