Here’s what to expect from Apple’s WWDC 2020 event

Apple's WWDC starts on June 22nd. But instead of the company's traditional developer conference, which takes place in a large, crowded event space, the COVID-19 era has forced Apple to put one of the most important events of the year fully online.
Don't expect Apple (AAPL) to hit the news headlines, however. You can count on the tech giant to make a number of important announcements, including the debut of the latest version of iOS and maybe even a few surprises.
You can expect the following from WWDC 2020.
The first ARM-based Macs
It is rumored that Apple has been working on its own processors for its Mac and MacBook computers for some time. And, according to Bloomberg, the company will finally move to WWDC.
The company started using Intel chips in its systems in 2006 after deviating from its PowerPC architecture. The Intel chipsets have given the technology giant's computers a lot of power over the years, but Apple is striving to bring more components of its devices into the house to minimize dependency on external providers.
CEO Tim Cook and the company are no strangers to ARM either. The chips included in the iPhone and iPad are ARM-based designs, which means that Apple has a lot of experience with the processor architecture.
The challenge for Apple is to ensure that the new ARM chips can get or overtake the same amount of power from Intel-made chips. ARM chips are ideal for mobile devices due to their impressive energy efficiency, so that smartphones and tablets can be operated for hours without charging.
But performance has never been her strong point. Look no further than reviews of the latest Windows PCs running ARM-based processors. Although they have a long battery life, they lack speed and functionality compared to Intel-based systems.
Apple will ensure that the only differences between its ARM computers and existing Intel computers are positive and not a list of compromises that consumers have to make.
Apple CEO Tim Cook waves after speaking at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California on Monday June 3, 2019. (AP Photo / Jeff Chiu)
Hello, iOS 14
Always the star of Apple's WWDC, iOS, the operating system that powers the iPhone, is expected to receive the latest important update in the form of iOS 14. One of the main changes rumored for iOS 14 may be the ability to change your default apps on iPhone.
According to a Bloomberg report in February, Apple is considering giving users the ability to set third-party apps like Gmail, Spotify, and Chrome as default settings. For example, tapping a link on Twitter will open it from your iPhone in Safari, even if you use Chrome or Firefox regularly.
The change would not only give users more control over their own devices, but could also help address some of the company's antitrust concerns. Apple's tight control over which apps can act as defaults was one of the issues that critics have pointed out to prove that the company is following a pattern of monopolistic behavior.
However, the move would not solve all of Apple's antitrust problems. The company has recently had a closer look at how it handles third-party apps in its app store and what fees it charges developers.
Rumor has it that in addition to changing the default apps, users can view their home screen apps in a new list style view instead of the grid view that the iPhone has been using for years. According to 9to5Mac, the list view would look similar to how apps are displayed on the Apple Watch.
According to 9to5Mac, users can place widgets on their home screens with the new version of iOS, much like Apple did with iPadOS. Android users have been able to do this for years by placing things like their calendars and weather reports on their home screens. I hope that Apple will finally develop this function further.
According to MacRumors, iOS 14 could include a new mention feature in Apple's messaging app that allows you to initiate certain contacts in group messages. There is also the word that you can withdraw messages that may have been sent. This would be a stroke of luck for the texts that you would really like to withdraw as soon as you click Submit.
WatchOS 7 could be huge
The Apple Watch should experience some major improvements via the watchOS 7 update. According to 9to5Mac, the most important changes include the potential for a sleep tracking function and a new blood oxygen meter.
Sleep tracking has been one of the most sought-after features for the Apple Watch for some time, but Apple hasn't offered it yet, probably due to the battery life it takes to ensure you can use the watch all day and night. However, it is unclear whether Apple would be able to add sleep tracking to existing watches as the company may need to build a larger battery for the device.
With a blood oxygen monitor, you can see how much oxygen is circulating in your blood.
We will follow all developments from WWDC 2020 as soon as they occur. Stay tuned.
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