Here's what Trump can and can't do with the $200 million he raised on election fraud claims

"I can't think of any other president who immediately after losing an election set up an executive PAC and angrily started fundraising. This is absolutely unique," said Brendan Fischer, campaign funding specialist at the Campaign Legal Center The Guardian on President Trump, who raised roughly $ 200 million after asking donors to support his fight against the presidential election.
Trump won't win this fight, especially after the Supreme Court got involved and the electoral college sealed the victory of President-elect Joe Biden, but the money will "basically be the vehicle for Trump's post-White House political operation," predicts Fischer.
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There are certain things he cannot legally do with the funds - for starters, the money cannot be used to resolve legal or financial problems that he may face after leaving office, and neither can it be potential ones Support the 2024 presidential election. However, it can lay the foundation for this campaign, said Fischer. But the money would probably be most useful if it went to another candidate who might act as some sort of successor. "It can possibly be paid for rallies in support of another candidate," said Fischer. "It can be used to pay for ads that supposedly run independently of the candidate they endorse."
Of course, that would mean that Trump doesn't just have to be interested in his personal success. "As a political actor, is he smart enough to use this money to essentially build a broad coalition in which he is the center and doler-out of the money that could bolster his political position?" Asked Jennifer Victor, an associate professor of Political Science from George Mason University. "It's hard to say because his political movement so far has been so self-centered." Read more at The Guardian.
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