Here’s Why Black Women Dread Going Back To The Workplace

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Working from home not only protected black women from the pandemic, it also protected the racially tense workplace. Working out of the comfort of their intended black women was redeemed from the micro and macro aggressions of working as black. In a recent Washington Post report, black women shared the plight of working in a predominantly white environment.
One of the women said she quit when she was told she had to go back to work. Going back to changing codes and weakening their blackness was a transition she refused. Another woman said it was comforting to be able to turn off her camera, which her clients didn't need to know was black. Someone else said it felt good not to have to answer inappropriate questions about her curves, hair, skin, and black features.
Feeling uncomfortable in the workplace isn't new to black women. Research has shown that black women are less likely to feel valued by their employer or treated with respect by their colleagues. The Gallup Center on Black Voices poll found that 24 percent of blacks experience discrimination in the workplace.
Kashia Dunner, a Washington-based career coach and consultant, said she looks forward to providing black women with a safe space again to discuss these issues when she restarts her women's group.
"It was just a career-focused, supportive environment with other black and colored women, and I really missed that during the pandemic," she told the Washington Post. "It was also nice to have someone who gives ideas in terms of work experience, because our experiences often happen to us and we keep them to ourselves."

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