Hey, Stephen Colbert, Frank Schwindel has your eephus right here, pal

Scam to Stephen Colbert: "Let's See What You Got" originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago
Frank dizziness has not forgotten. We neither.
And now that the Cubs first baseman is almost off the injured list, he's ready.
That means ready for you, Stephen Colbert. The tank rolls toward you.
More specifically, Vertigo invites you to roll over to Wrigley Field to settle the score after that so-called joke at his expense a few weeks ago on your show.
"Oh, yeah, come out, take some BP, and then if it's allowed, we'll toe the rubber and see what you've got," said Dizziness, throwing the batting gloves in a direct on-camera challenge at the late - Night talk show host.
Your train, Colbert.
Dizziness isn't a baseball player, you said on your show after watching Kyle Higashioka shoot his 35-mph eephus pitch over the fence at Yankee Stadium.
Funny guy.
Except this one.
"I didn't like that," said Schwindel.
Now it's your turn, Mr. LateNightFunnyman.
Do you want to leave the studio? Want a piece of the tank?
Frank Schwindel has your Eephus right here, mate.
"We'll see if you can handle it."
From Dizzy's stiff upper lip to your ears, Colbert. This is called a direct invitation. let see what you got
We know you can find the ballpark, Primetime Emmy Boy. We saw you there. That salesman disguise from a few years ago fooled no one — although it's possible some of us chuckled a little.
But now we're done laughing
"Get him out of here and we'll see what happens," Schwindel said.
You heard the man, Colbert.
Wrigley field.
He named the place. You name the time.
"See if he can handle the 35," said Schwindel. "That would be cool. That would be a good time.”
Let's see what you got, big comedy man. Let's see if you are as tough as you speak. Put your money where your late night mouth is.
David Letterman would not budge. We know Letterman (well, sort of; we played golf with Bobby Rahal once in the 80's).
And you, sir, are no David Letterman.
Prove us wrong.
Appear. Come in. Do your best.
We know dizziness will be there.
"That's money," he said.
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