Hi, Here’s Legit Everything You Need to Know About the Aquarius in Your Life

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They're super smart, they're guarded, they're kind of weird (but in a good way?) ... they must be an Aquarius. Whether you fall in love with a water carrier, befriend one, or are one, let's talk a little more about these solid air signs.
You see, every zodiac sign has personality qualities and archetypal traits associated with it. Let's dive into some vibrations that we often associate with Aquarius - the good, the bad, and the weird - should we?
(Pause for a quick disclaimer: Before reading any further, please remember the first astrological commandment - * You shouldn't have an astro profile * and know that literally every sign can have a personality quality. These are simply the ones that are most common Associated With Our Aquarius Friends Also, the way these traits are expressed varies from person to person.)
First things first: Aquarius is the * water carrier * of the wheel, not because it's a watermark (it's actually an air sign, JSYK), but because it's about washing away the past to make room for the future. The following characteristics come from the element (air), the modality (solid) and the planetary ruler (Uranus). Mmkay reads on now to soak in the cool, fresh, revolutionary air of Aquarian energy in all walks of life.
Aquarists are people of ideas (the light bulb emoji = so they), so they often feel like cool air shooting through the office - refreshing and yet shocking! Under the rule of the revolutionary and future-oriented planet Uranus, the aquarists will delight the office with ideas that seem to come from a future time and place. But they usually work. The downside of this mad scientist power is a tendency to preach excessively. * steps back from the soap box *
Aquarian energy can often appear distant, enigmatic, or unpredictable. As a result, it can be difficult right off the bat to know if they crave you. Some of us find this sexy. It is known that aquarists need a serious intellectual connection. Hence, expect a lively dinner companion and a refreshing * who cares what other people think * attitude. Be warned: like a wild horse, you need freedom, for better or for worse. ("I need some space ..." any Aquarius ever said.) This can create an icy or detached mood. Parentheses do not have to apply.
Air signs are usually socially oriented and aquarists are no exception. They thrive in groups and are not surprised if they suggest going to an environmental rally or cleaning up the park rather than a happy hour, for example. Aquarists are known to be ahead of their time, which can prove strange if you haven't woken up like them. Tip: go up to their level. The downside of BFFs with an Aquarius is that they can be stubborn (Aquarius is a set sign, just like Taurus and Scorpio).
Aquarius is perhaps the least sentimental of all the signs so you might not catch them clinging to past relics, writing exes, or hoarding clothes. Typical aquarium fixtures include minimalist, futuristic decor (think Jetsons - really), a huge pile of books with titles you've never heard of, and a growing list of ways to change the world.
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