Hilaria Baldwin stands up to body shamers after Amy Schumer uses her photo as a joke

Hilaria Baldwin isn't here for physical embarrassment, no matter who it's addressed to.
Hilaria Baldwin, pictured in March, shouts "body shameful". (Photo: Sean Zanni / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)
The author of the Living Clearly Method, who gave birth to their fifth child with Alec Baldwin three months ago, shared a video Tuesday defending herself against criticism after a photo she shared after giving birth - she carried just lingerie while holding three month old son Eduardo - viral. It was thanks to Amy Schumer, who jokingly republished it and pretended it was a photo of herself. Schumer has since apologized, but Baldwin made it clear that she wasn't upset by the comedian's joke, but only with the aftermath when people said Baldwin didn't portray what "real mothers" look like after pregnancy.
"I've posted a million photos like this in the past," said 36-year-old Baldwin in the Instagram video. "So I didn't think it was going to be a big deal. In the end, it was a big deal."
While Baldwin said she didn't get [the joke] very well, she generally said, "I love jokes. I love making fun of myself. I love when others make fun of me. What's the point it in life when you don't laugh? You all know I make fun of my husband all the time, and if you want to hand it out, you better take it back. "
However, she said things were “out of control” on Schumer's post - when the I Feel Pretty star took the photo titled, “Gene and I wanted everyone to have a Merry Christmas. Enjoy having every family member talk to you this year - with people who “shame” them for being an unrealistic portrayal of a mother.
"Does it hurt my feelings when some people out there - who I don't even know - criticize why I could post a photo and if I looked different I would have posted the photo?" Baldwin wondered, “I very much hope so. Because I love looking at photos that support our bodies, our temple we live in around the clock. I love it. No matter what you look like, I love it. If it's you, honor yourself, if you love yourself, I love it. "
She said the problem is when people start "laying down people's forms".
Hilaria previously shared Schumer's joke again and said that she did not understand it, but went along with it. (Screenshot: Hilaria Baldwin via Instagram)
"When you do body inclusivity, it is body inclusivity for everyone," Baldwin continued. “There's a whole thing like, 'Oh, mothers don't look like that. 'Some mothers do. This mother does. And I'm in inclusivity. "
Baldwin, a yoga teacher, said she loves to exercise and exercise whenever she can "because it makes me feel good". Recent videos she shared showed her hiking with Carmen, 7; Rafael, 5; Leonardo, 4; and Romeo, 2 and Edu while another showed them on exercise machines while their kids played inside.
"That's how I look," she said. “I come from smaller people. I've been a fitness person all my life. And let's go. Period. End of the story. I don't have to apologize for that. Just as there is no need for someone else to apologize for what they look like and their life story ... body inclusiveness, that means everyone. Any shape and size - everything. "
In a subsequent story, to make it "very clear", she said she did not believe that Schumer was "making fun of me". Even so, the comedian apologized in the comments and deleted her post that led to it.
(Screenshot: Hilaria Baldwin via Instagram)
Baldwin welcomed baby Eduardo in September after two miscarriages. During each pregnancy, she has documented her pregnancy and postpartum body on social media and has not been immune to criticism.
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Hilaria Baldwin poses in lingerie 3 months after the birth of Eduardo
Hilaria Baldwin poses in lingerie 3 months after the birth of Eduardo
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