Hoda Kotb once abandoned Meredith Vieira in her apartment. And Meredith has not forgotten

It's taken more than three years, but Hoda Kotb is finally telling her side of the story about why she disappeared when Meredith Vieira was visiting.
"Remember when you visited my kid?" Hoda asked her guest co-host of Hour Four on Thursday, referring to the time Meredith stopped by her apartment to see her daughter Hope a few years ago , when she was a baby.
"Oh when you left me did you go upstairs and never come back?" Meredith replied while Hoda laughed. "That was incredible. i meet the baby I don't think you apologized. Finally, about 20 minutes later, I'm like, 'Well, I think I should go.' I don't know what's going on."
Hoda and Meredith laughed heartily as they recalled how Hoda had left Meredith alone in their home. (Nathan Congleton / NBC)
Hoda said she was upstairs but Meredith remained in the dark.
"We chatted and then you just — it was the weirdest thing because you're not rude," Meredith recalled. "So I was like, 'Oh my God. Is she sick?’ And nothing.”
"I think I put the baby down, and then I just got tired," Hoda said.
Meredith said there was no goodbye, so she "went quietly."
"I know I remember because later I'm like, 'Meredith?' and then you were gone," Hoda said.
In 2019, Meredith discussed with Jenna Bush Hager what happened when she hosted TODAY with Hoda & Jenna as a guest. She said Hoda told her twice that her other daughter Haley needed a nap before going into Haley's room and closing the door.
It was then that Meredith realized Hoda wanted her to leave.
"I didn't catch the cue," she said, before joking that she was left standing there before exiting the apartment.
"That's the thing: This is what we know about Hoda," Jenna said.
Jenna said Hoda is known for these types of disappearances.
"She has this thing called Ho-dini," Jenna said, noting that her co-host has been known to go to events, stay a reasonable amount of time, and then just disappear.
"So I shouldn't be offended - and I wasn't - but I really shouldn't be because it's just the Hode," Meredith said.
"That's how she is," Jenna said.

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