'Hope we're still alive by the time you air this'

The massive floods that struck parts of China last week hit farmlands particularly hard, leaving disturbing images of farmers trying to sift their dead animals from the devastation.
In one area, central China's Henan Province, residents say they are not even sure they will survive.
This farmer is telling us to hope that he is "still alive" when this report goes on.
"There is no food or water," he says. "Life can't go on. How can life go on? We're bankrupt."
The dead farm animals are bloated and are now swimming in the water. To make matters worse, last summer China was badly hit by African swine fever, which is not harmful to humans but usually kills pigs.
Now that the floods have washed away the manure on the farms, there is concern that another outbreak may come.
For some farmers, this could mean an even worse loss than the immediate impact of the floods.
A farmer named Mr. Cheng told us that he has already lost almost all of his pig farm, all of his livelihood. He has to become a migrant worker in order to survive.
"We have no other skills," he says. "We can only find migrant jobs to make a living. We have no choice because we have to look after the elderly and children."
A typhoon hit eastern China on Sunday, causing further flooding. Over a million people have reportedly been relocated.

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