Horror: C6 Corvette Falls Off Lift

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Is that the new thing at Vettes these days?
Ford Mustangs crash into power poles. Dodge muscle cars are stolen and run away from the police. And Chevy Corvettes don't seem to balance on auto lifts. We've seen the last one before, just with a mid-engine C8, so people explained this terrible accident by saying the tech didn't use the correct position for the elevator, which resulted in an imbalance. This time it was a front-engined C6 Corvette, but the results are just as terrible.
View the damage to a C8 Corvette that fell off a lift here.
In fact, this one could be worse than the C8, which toppled backwards, cracking multiple body panels and causing immeasurable damage to the chassis. With this C6, the car tilts backwards, the front section rears up like a wild stallion, then the Chevy slips off the lift and falls, the front apron gets caught on the lift, which tears it cleanly from the car, brutal fashion.
The employee standing by the elevator gratefully jumps out of the way when the car crashes into the workshop. With the wheels removed, it's the chassis that takes most, if not all, of the impact. The likelihood of serious damage is high.
Perhaps the cause of the imbalance in this C6 Corvette is the removal of the engine. As the car tips backwards off the lift, you can see that the engine compartment is empty. Someone probably hasn't thought about how much this changes the balance of a car and positions the lift as if the engine was still there.
Unfortunately, there is no information available about where this terrible accident took place. The video is everywhere and we're sure the shop doesn't want to damage its reputation, which is understandable. We're also sure the C6 Corvette owner wasn't too happy, but hopefully everything was done right.
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