Houston News Anchor Shares He's Gay & Marrying a Weatherman on Social

Steven Romo
A newscaster at Houston's KTRK, Steven Romo, came out in a moving Instagram post about secrets and how he thought he would never find true love. In the same post, he announced that he was engaged to Stephen Morgan of Fox Weather.
“I grew up with secrets. My family struggled together to hide the fact that we were living in a house full of trash with a bunch of dogs, ”Romo wrote. "But what they didn't know, and what was probably even more difficult, was that I had a secret that I had to carry all by myself: I was gay and tried with all my heart not to be."
Romo added that although it is contrary to what he was taught in church, "it made me be gay".
Drawing on the experience of many LGBTQ + people, Romo shared that he previously thought he might never find love.
“Before I met Stephen Morgan, I thought that this kind of love might just be out of the question for me. That it was a trip I would never take. But now I'm the happiest I've ever had. In my whole life, ”wrote Romo. "I will soon be moving to New York City with the person I want to spend the rest of my life with."
The couple will travel to New York City, where Morgan found a job on the Fox Weather streaming network. He recently left his position at Fox 26 in Houston.
Morgan, a meteorologist, also addressed the influence of religion on LGBTQ + people in a post about his engagement to Romo.
“I often think of a particular prayer I said when I was ten, asking God to keep a 'secret' between the two of us. Obviously, God knows everything, so it wasn't that I could hide it from Him. But I could hide it from [most] of my friends ... my family, ”Morgan wrote.
“But how comforting that the truth will eventually emerge. I've never dreamed of saying the words “I'm engaged,” but I've never dreamed of being so happy either. But here we are. I am engaged. I will marry Steven Romo. "

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